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Is the Serbian Dancing Lady Real? Creepy TikTok Video Explained

A new creepy video is taking the internet by storm, scaring viewers from TikTok to YouTube. Featuring a Serbian dancing lady, the clip has generated a lot of curiosity among social media users, with many people resharing it online.

The video shows a woman dancing creepily in the middle of a road to an ominous tune. A number of people have claimed that the woman draws a knife and chases anyone who gets close to her. But is the Serbian dancing lady real, or is it a prank? Read on to find out.

Serbian Dancing Lady Creeps Out the Internet

The Serbian dancing lady video has been going viral on social media since February this year. At the time, a user posted the video writing, ‘be careful guys.’ In the clip, a weirdly dressed woman is seen dancing at night as she continuously moves her feet from left to right. Meanwhile, a piece of eerie music plays in the background.

The moves looked similar to the Serbian folk dance Kolo. The video garnered over 76 million views and trended with the hashtags #dancingladyserbia #horror and #serbia. Some people from Serbia then claimed that the woman in the video possessed a knife and chased down the people who got close to her.

The video first surfaced online in 2019, when a news website reported of a ‘dangerous woman’ who was seen dancing in the street in Serbia. The footage was allegedly shot near a hospital in Belgrade, Serbia. Police then reportedly searched for the woman in the neighborhood, but could not find her, which added to the mystery.

Is the Serbian Dancing Lady Real?

Since 2019, the video has been shared multiple times, and it started trending again in 2023. However, there has been no evidence of the existence of a dangerous Serbian woman. Till now, there have been no reports of anyone being attacked or killed by a creepy dancing woman in Serbia.

Thus, many believe that the video could have been recorded as a prank and that the whole theory of a dangerous woman could just be a hoax. Many people have also claimed to have spotted the woman dancing in the streets. But since the face of the woman is not visible in the video, they might have seen someone else recreating the dance moves.

Social Media Reactions to the Serbian Dancing Lady

While the Serbian dancing lady might just be a prank, it has been able to scare a lot of people on the internet. A number of terrified viewers have taken to social media to share their fears. “After watching that Serbian Dancing Lady, I’m afraid to go out at night,” wrote a user.

Another tweeted, “I just learnt what Serbian dancing lady is and am shitscared ffs. I don’t even live near Serbia but it’s fu***** scary bruv.” A viewer also wrote, “bruh no cap, the serbian dancing lady is straight up creepy af.”

“who else has been seeing the Serbian dancing lady on tiktok plz plz tell me she isn’t real it’s 4 am and it’s scary for GOD’S SAKE,” wrote a scared user. One also penned, “Saw a short about Serbian dancing lady and now I’m shit scared.”

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