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Is the Felis Salamandra Cat Real? Pictures of the Unseen Wild Animal Go Viral on Social Media

The world is full of fascinating creatures. Every now and then, we come across new species and categories of animals that had not been seen before. Social media is now filled with pictures of one such creature, the Felis Salamandra Cat.

The pictures show a beautiful black cat with yellow patches that looks like a cross between a feline and a fire salamander. While some people are in awe of the creature, others are wondering if it actually exists or if the Felis Salamandra Cat pictures are fake. Read on to find out.

Pictures of Felis Salamandra Cat Go Viral on Social Media

The Felis Salamandra Cat has gone viral on all social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter. Sharing the pictures of the animal on Twitter, a user wrote, “Incredibly beautiful Félis Salamandra (Wild Cat).” The cat looks spectacular with pitch-black fur and yellow patches.

A user claimed that the cats are rare and are found only in tropical mountainous regions. “Discovery of Felis Salamandra, a rare subspecies of wild cat. Scientists recently announced the discovery of a new subspecies of wild cat called Félis Salamandra,” read a viral Facebook post.

“This subspecies is very rare as it is considered a subspecies of Asia’s little leopard and is endemic to a tropical mountainous region. Lost in a valley hard to access which explains the late discovery. This discovery is particularly interesting because it shows the importance of preserving biodiversity and protecting species at risk,” it read further.

Is the Felis Salamandra Cat Real?

No, the Felis Salamandra Cat is not real. No matter how real and beautiful the pictures of the wild feline look, it does not exist in the real world. The faux photos were reportedly created by AI. A similar picture went viral earlier this year which showed a cat with snake-like skin and yellow patches. The creature, named Serpens Catus, was later also attributed to AI.

The creation of the Felis Salamandra Cat has been traced back to a social media user named Kâma Usha Bengal, who revealed that the pictures were created and circulated as an April Fool’s Day prank last month. Bengal used images of Fire Salamanders to create yellow patterns over a cat image using AI.

Felis Salamandra Cat Divides Social Media

While some social media users were fascinated by the beauty of the cat, others were able to judge that the images were fake. “Nah ah, are they real? My they are beautiful! I wannu,” wrote a surprised user. Another tweeted, “Wow!  I have never seen this animal before!  Beautiful.  I hope they are in a safe environment and never become extinct!”

While a user commented, “They’re fake. Goddamnned AI is taking over, making it difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t.” Another wrote, “Would be so awesome. I just saw a post about it, people accepting its real without bothering to do a little digging.” A user also penned, “Based on the name I’m gonna say this is fake.”

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