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Is The Elusive Gorilla Fish Real? Viral Photograph of the Creature Shocks Social Media

On social media, we often come across photos of some things that look too good or too weird to be true. One such photo, which belongs to the latter case, is now going viral on Facebook and Twitter, which shows a strange creature.

It is the photo of a fish but looks more like a mutant between a fish and a gorilla as the creature has facial features exactly like that of the primate species. The creature is being called ‘The Elusive Gorilla Fish’. But is the picture real and does the Elusive Gorilla Fish actually exist somewhere in the ocean? Read on to find out.

Is The Elusive Gorilla Fish Real?

For the past few days, social media is flooded with a photograph of The Elusive Gorilla Fish. A man from Trinidad and Tobago initially posted the picture, which showed the man having caught a massive fish with the face, eyes, and teeth just like those of a gorilla, but the body and fins of a fish.

“Caught in carli bay today. The elusive gorilla fish,” he captioned the post. The picture went viral and was shared by a number of users. Many were scared of the creature and some even asked to take the fish back to the ocean. However, there is no need to worry as the elusive gorilla fish picture is fake.

The creature does not exist for real. Someone apparently used AI to come up with the photo featuring the never-heard-before species. It was posted as a joke but was taken seriously by many. However, scientists have made a new discovery about snailfish species recently, although it has nothing to do with the elusive gorilla picture.

A snailfish species of the genus Pseudoliparis was found at the depth of 8,336 meters by researchers at the Izu-Ogasawara Trench in Japan at the beginning of April. The species, named Pseudoliparis Belyaev, was earlier thought to exist at a depth of 7700 meters, and researchers were surprised to see it survive in deeper regions.

Social Media Users Shocked by Picture of The Elusive Gorilla Fish

Multiple users who were not aware of the Elusive Gorilla Fish being a prank were shocked by the picture and believed it to be true. “My god no suh I never yet see this in my life lol there is a lot of surprise in the ocean,” wrote a Facebook user.

Another commented, “Yes it looks like a gorilla. How the heck did that crossbreed happen… it looks like a monstrous OMG.” “My absolute LAST day fishing!!! Mark the calendar,” joked another. One also wrote. “Is this really for real someone let me know you can’t believe everything you see I really need to know this.”

A user commented, “That face on that fish is jacked up. When I look at the body of that fish, it looks like a massive goliath Jewfish can eat it full of worms. I think that’s the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen.”

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