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How Long Do Idiots Live? Trendy TikTok Joke is all Over the Internet

“How Long Do Idiots Live?” A new TikTok craze has swept the internet once more.

With so many people watching and sharing on TikTok, it’s no surprise that some challenges, video themes, special effects, and background songs go viral.

And that become TikTok trends that everyone follows for weeks or months until they get bored and move on to the next one on the list.

A new trend has recently been around in TikTok, ah ah, not just on TikTok, but all across the internet. Yes, you’ve read that right.

If you’ve been wondering about the ‘How Long Do Idiots Live‘ phrase on TikTok lately, we’ve got you covered with what we know about it.

This TikTok meme first went viral in 2021, but it reappeared in February 2022 ‘with a new trend’, yeah with a new trend! You’ll get to know about it later.

As a result, the question arises: what exactly is this new trend meme? You’ve undoubtedly guessed from the name that it’s going to show about an idiot’s lifespan, right?

However, there are a few more intriguing aspects of the trend that you probably aren’t aware of. So keep your eyes and ears open, no wait, just your eyes, and read on to learn more about this ‘old but new trend’.

‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’ TikTok’s Trendy Meme Explained

This trend involves someone asking a ridiculous question on Google and receiving an equally unusual response.

So, the ridiculous question is – ‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’

That’s the whole point of the meme, you can simply go and Google that phrase. And nothing interesting comes it’s just an age.

According to Google, the answer to the phrase is ‘12-15 years.’ That means that by the time kids are teenagers, all idiots have been eradicated from the planet. And all adults are wonderful, regular, non-idiotic people. We know that’s kind of strange but that’s what a meme is.

Another Trend Has Taken Over

Remember how we mentioned a new trend with How Long Do Idiots Live in our introduction? That’s right, we were talking about this one.

The new trend which has been exposed with How Long Do Idiots Lives is the ‘I’ll never forget you.

It entails sending the statement “I’ll never forget you” to someone you consider an “idiot” between the ages of 12 and 15.

According to Google, fools only survive for 12 to 15 years, therefore the trend indirectly implies that the person will die.

Don’t Believe In Trends Like These 

As we all know, you’re smart enough to laugh it off. But there are some sensitive people who won’t. And as a result, they may suffer from sensitive content and we definitely don’t want to hurt anyone from a childish meme.

So we just wanted to let you know that don’t take it seriously, y’all are not idiots. And it’s all just another meme. You guys have a long beautiful life to live ahead of you. And you’re the best.

We will keep our readers up-to-date regarding more interesting trends. Let us know what you think about this trend in the comments section. Did someone troll you?

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