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Grammarly Offering 60% Discount this Black Friday

Grammarly is none less than a bliss who needs to write a lot of stuff, like me. What is even better is getting Grammarly Premium for a very high discount during the Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday deal.

Unfortunately, Grammarly isn’t coming up with one this time. Still, if you are planning to purchase the premium subscription of Grammarly, then you can proceed with it this November as the discounts are available. This will be the best time to get this amazing tool and enhance your writing skills even further.

There are countless features that Grammarly offers for a writer to jot masterpieces. You can use it for spell-checks, grammar checks, and even plagiarism checking. Along with this, you can check your writeups on the go.

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It even has a browser extension if you like to write your things on Google Docs or any online notepad. There are no limitations if you have Grammarly premium. Find out how you can get it for the highest discount.

Get Grammarly Premium for 60% Off on Black Friday

Grammarly is a must-have tool for students, professionals, and any individual who uses his keyboard a lot. It helps you to deliver error-free work of great quality. If you are a professional writer, the material you write matters a lot.

If you are a student, the quality of what you write will decide your grades. In such cases, Grammarly could become your savior. However, not everyone is able to afford the premium subscription of Grammarly.

A quick solution to this is to buy Grammarly premium during the Black Friday weekend. Currently, Grammarly premium is available for a whopping discount of 60% when you buy the annual plan. You can get it for less than half of its original price.

However, Grammarly isn’t advertising this as an exclusive Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. They do this to help writers and earn new customers. You should never miss this excellent opportunity.

How to Claim Grammarly Deal at 60% Discount?

Not everyone is able to get the highest available discount on Grammarly plans. You have to use a special procedure to grab the best deal. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Create a Free Account or Login to your Existing Account.
  3. Click on Premium. 
  4. You will see the discount of 60% applied. Select Annual Plan. 
  5. Complete the payment. 

Note that the 60% discount is available only when you buy an annual subscription.

Is the Grammarly Black Friday Sale live?

As I’ve already explained Grammarly isn’t offering a Black Friday sale this time. However, you can still get a flat discount of 60% by choosing the right method while purchasing the premium subscription. The quarterly plan is also available for 33% off.

Is the Grammarly Cyber Monday Sale live?

The same deal that is available on the Grammarly Premium Annual and Quarterly plans during the Black Friday weekend will also be available around Cyber Monday. Grammarly hasn’t announced any special sale for the day yet.

This is surely an incredible opportunity to get the best writing tool at a very economical price. Don’t miss it.

Grammarly Premium Key Features & Highlights

Grammarly Premium offers tons of features that every individual who writes a lot needs to churn out error-free pieces. If you have used the free version of Grammarly and already feel impressed, then let me tell you that the premium is even better.

Here are the key features of Grammarly Premium that will help you decide if you need to buy it:

  • Corrects spellings and grammatical errors.
  • Offers a personal tone detector.
  • Helps you to write in a simple manner while maintaining quality.
  • Suggest synonyms to make your writing diverse.
  • Offers a plagiarism checker to keep your writing original.
  • Rates the quality of your writeups.
  • Has a very simple UI.
  • Available on every platform- Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS.
  • It also has a browser extension that you can use in Chrome, Firefox, etc.

These are just some of the brilliant features of Grammarly premium. There are many more. You can explore them once you buy a plan of your choice.

Grammarly Premium Plans & Pricing

For individuals, Grammarly offers three plans- Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. If you regularly need this great tool, then you should go for the longest plan.

The original price of Grammarly is $30 per month if you opt for the monthly plan. However, if you choose a longer plan, you can get it for a lower price. The Quarterly plan costs $60 which means you will get Grammarly for $20 per month at a discount of 33%.

The cheapest plan is the Annual one that costs only $144. This means you will get Grammarly for only $12 per month at a huge discount of 60%. Choosing this will be a wise decision if you are a professional writer or student.

Additionally, Grammarly also offers a Business plan that costs $12.50 per month per member. This plan is billed annually and you will need at least 3 members on the team. It also includes some additional features focused on large businesses.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth buying during the Black Friday sale?

Grammarly Premium is one of the best tools to improve the quality of your writeups. Even if you are an expert with years of experience, you cannot avoid all the mistakes manually. Grammarly provides a quick solution, detects, and fixes your errors as you write.

This helps you to write brilliant pieces of the highest quality. If the price is your only concern about using Grammarly premium, then Cyber Month is the perfect time to buy it. This isn’t because Grammarly is offering a sale on Black Friday. It is because you are bound to spend money during this time, so why not on something useful?

Grammarly is definitely worth buying if you are opting for the Annual or Quarterly plan. Do not miss the opportunity if you regularly write a lot and need Grammarly’s services!

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