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Gabby Petito Case: Vanlife Journey turned Homicide

An American travel blogger Gabby Petito was found dead at the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. She loves a guy and traveled with him to places. The autopsy revealed that she had died two to three weeks before her body was recovered.

A confession came from her boyfriend Brian Laundrie after a long chase by the authorities. Gabby’s case gained huge national attention due to several reasons ranging from her the couple’s social media account, call recordings, eyewitnesses etc. So what was this murder mystery? Let’s know everything from the scratch.

About Gabby Petito

Gabrielle Venora Petito aka Gabby Petito was born and brought up in Blue Point, New York. She got recognized alongside her step-brothers as they appeared in a music video to raise awareness about gun violence against the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Gabby was an ardent blogger, food lover and traveller. Her Instagram is full of life – travel stories and food-related posts made her famous. Her Instagram handle is still active and has around 1.3m followers. FYI, Gabby also worked as a hostess in a kitchen restaurant in Wilmington.

Gabby-Laundrie love story


Gabby’s only mistake was that she fell in love with the wrong guy. She met this guy named Brian Christopher Laundrie during her graduation days at Bayport-Blue Point High School, New York.

Since then the couple was inseparable. She started dating Laundrie in 2019 and immediately moved in with him and his parents in Florida. To Gabby’s parents, it was the perfect love story.

The couple was so much in love that they even worked at the same place. Gabby worked in the pharmacy section and Brian worked in the grocery department. The duo quit due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gabby-Brian Travel story

The love for blogging started with the couple’s first cross-country drive from New York to California. They visited places like Yosemite National Park, Pismo Beach, Vegas and much more.

Brian took her to Georgia in June 2020 for another trip and finally they both got engaged as he proposed to her for marriage. Petito purchased a Ford Transit Connect Van in December 2020 to embark on their next cross-country journey.

Petito’s love for bogging grew and she started working overtime to save good money. This was like the perfect love story anyone can expect. Their love was a combination of adventures, togetherness and warmth. The couple started documenting these beautiful moments on Instagram.

Problems Begin

We all find love during the most unusual times. It comes with its share of green flags and red flags. Well, sometimes we are unable to see the red ones because there is so much love. The first incident between Gabby and Brian took place on August 12, 2021.

The Utah police authorities received a call from a witness who saw Laundrie and Petito fighting in Moab. The witness revealed that he saw Brian slap Petito. He added that Brian hit her again and drove off. Another witness revealed that Petito punched Brian in the arm. There was some kind of a struggle as Brian grabbed her phone and was trying to leave her.

Petito was found crying and revealed to the officer that she had OCD and also narrated that Laundrie “kept telling me to shut up” and “grabbed my face,” which had produced an injury.

The couple however did not want to press charges so she took the blame on her. Petito revealed that she was the one who started the fight. Well, she wanted to save Brian from the situation.

The Last spotting

Petito joined Brian took their last road trip on August 23, 2021. Petito’s mother spoke to her last on August 25 and revealed that the couple were traveling to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. This was also the day when Petito posted the last picture on Instagram.

Gabby’s mother received an odd text on August 27, 2021, from her stating “Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”  Stan is Gabby’s grandfather, but her mother says Gabby never referred to him by his first name. It was extremely concerning to her mother.

Gabby’s mother Tara Petito received another text on August 30, 2021, that read “no service in Yosemite”. Brian returned to his home in Florida on September 1, 2021. Guess what? He was alone. Gabby’s mother filed a missing report with New York Police Department.

Gabby’s Dead Body Found

The Police authorities visited Brian’s home but his parents stated that he had already left for a hike in the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota, Florida. FYI, a lead cam when a woman claimed in a Tiktok video that she and her boyfriend picked up Laundrie near Colter Bay Village. She said, “Laundrie “freaked out” upon learning that we were going to Jackson Hole instead of Jackson, Wyoming.”

The witness also found it unusual that Laundrie did not appear dirty despite claiming that he was camping here for days. Laundrie offered then @200 dollars for just a 10 min ride. The police started questioning Laundrie but he refused to cooperate. Therefore, he was made a person of interest in the ‘Gabby Disappearance Case’.

A search for Gabby began in the Carlton Reserve which was scattered over a 24,000-acre land. Finally, Gabby’s remains were found near the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Police immediately executed a search warrant on Laundry’s home. His car and hard drive were also seized. An autopsy confirmed that Gabby died of strangulation.

Gabby’s parents filed a lawsuit against Brian’s parents who helped him flee the country. Their lawsuit sought damages of around $30,000 for infliction of emotional distress along with other charges.

Confession from dead Brian Laundrie

The Gabby Murder Case gained a lot of media attention. Gabby’s father also created a Gabby Petito Foundation to provide resources and guidance for missing children like Gabby. A huge number of people came to pay respect to Gabby.

From candle march to pleas to put Brian behind bars, gabby’s case became a national issue. Brian, however, had disappeared in the dark. Police authorities started searching everywhere due to tremendous media pressure.

The FBI again found a body that appeared to be human remains at the site where the search was being conducted by Brian. However, the police found a backpack, a notebook and a gun near the body. Later, it was confirmed that the body belonged to Brian.

Brian had confessed in his notebook that he had killed Gabby and therefore committed suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The belongings were confirmed to be his. The FBI also confirmed that Laundrie had been deceiving law enforcement by giving an impression that Petito was still alive. He continued a text chain between the two even after she died. The Gabby Murder Case was finally closed.


Interestingly, many commentators believe that this case got more media attention than those indigenous people that went missing in Wyoming between 2011 and 2020. One thing is clear more than 700 people have been reported missing in Wyoming reported. Some cases remain under the shadow.

The Gabby murder Case was also referred to as the “missing white woman syndrome”. Well, that is another point of debate because we are glad that her parents could find closure. What do you think about the Gabby Murder Case?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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