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Explore The Hidden Meaning Behind “1087” As The Number Trend Gets Viral

Secret messages have always enticed people across the globe. From being used for military purposes, to becoming a part and parcel of everlasting friendships, such messages have always enticed curious minds. Recently, a random number 1087 has been making rounds on TikTok videos, and many continue to wonder about the hidden meaning behind it. Here’s everything you need to know about this “break-up code”.

What Is The Meaning Of 1087 On TikTok Videos?

The number 1087 is taking over TikTok, and even though the code holds several meanings, it has a bittersweet meaning in this context. 1087, which is being used on various TikTok videos, basically means, “I miss the old us.” While it sounds like TikTok’s shorthand, it’s actually a smart way to convey something to another person while maintaining privacy.

Using this secret code is a smart way of keeping a video across the internet, but at the same time, keeping intact the privacy of the intended recipient. For instance, users will usually add #1087 to their TikTok caption. This way, they don’t need to delve into details of who the “us” in the video is and why they actually miss the older version of them. 

How Do The 1087 Videos Look Like?

1087, aka “I miss the old us”, aka the “breakup code” is all about nostalgic vibes, and that’s what these TikTok videos are all about. This trend includes videos containing #1087, usually made for an ex or a lost lover alongside a sentimental video. The whole idea is to keep the true meaning hidden from the general audience on the video-sharing platform.

But, it doesn’t stop here. The heartbroken Gen-Z gang has taken the “Number trend” to the next level. If you got your heart recently broken or had to leave your love amid unavoidable circumstances, here are some of the “breakup number codes” you can use in your TikTok videos:

  • 0563 – Please don’t leave me
  • 5801 – I’m sorry for loving you
  • 4202 – Let’s end this
  • 1730 – You made another pain
  • 0931 – I’m losing feelings
  • 9080 – I want you with me
  • 1543 – I still love you
  • 143 – I love you
  • 2201 – Stay happy love
  • 2789 – I’m tired of life
  • 6929 – Thank you, goodbye
  • 1087 – I miss the old us
  • 0473 – Hug me, please
  • 5555 – I miss your voice, especially you
  • 1007 – Feel my love
  • 3639 – You change
  • 4284 – Our story will never end for now
  • 107 – Come back

If you aren’t aware, 1087 is not only about sadness. The number is known as the angel number of wisdom in astrology. Well, in this context, the meaning is totally opposite. It is considered a sign to keep an optimistic view even when things are working against you.

The number helps in increasing strength, character and wisdom. As the spiritual mentors suggest, “Whatever you do, you will do it solely for the good of others. Their gratitude will be your only “profit”. Can you think of other such codes? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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