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‘Euphoria’ Actress Chloe Cherry Busted for Stealing $28 blouse From a Store

Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry has been reportedly charged with retail theft after allegedly shoplifting a $28 blouse from a store in her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

According to the documents that have been acquired by Lancaster Online, the actress who has a background in the adult film industry was charged in connection to the incident that saw the light of day on December 27. Read on to know more about the whole matter.

Chloe Cherry is charged with shoplifting a $28 blouse

Yeah, you read that right. Cherry has been charged with stealing a $28 blouse from a store in her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As per the records obtained by Lancaster Online, a Building Character shopping mall employee showed the authorities the video of the former porn star going into a dressing room with a Moda International blouse on December 27.

Although, the footage allegedly showed Chloe leaving said dressing room without the blouse in hand. It has been stated that the blouse had not been left behind either., which led the staff to think that she had taken it.

As per the complaint, the model who played the character of Faye in the HBO hit series Euphoria paid for the other items via her credit card but she did not buy the blouse.

Soon after, the police authorities got involved in the matter and Cherry reportedly confessed that she took the blouse before returning it to the officer. Then, she was charged with misdemeanor retail theft in January.

What did Chloe Cherry’s rep have to say about the entire situation?

At that time, the model’s rep told TMZ, “In December, there was confusion over a blouse that wasn’t properly charged to my client’s credit card. In no way did she ‘admit’ to taking the blouse, since that was not the case.”

Her representative went on to say, “This story seems to be more about a local store trading on a celebrity’s name more than anything else.” Her rep even told the media outlet Page Six that “it was not true” Cherry is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 1.

All you need to know about Chloe Cherry (including her age, early life, and more)

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the real name of Chloe Cherry is Elise Jones. She was born on August 23, 1997. At the moment, she is 25 years old. She is a former porn star.

Before bagging the role of Faye in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria, she starred in more than 200 pornographic productions. In the year 2019, the team of the show Euphoria reached out to Cherry on the social media platform Instagram and asked her to audition for the role of Faye.

In the show Euphoria, Cherry plays the role of Faye, a drug-addicted woman who moves in with Fez and Ashtray. Faye somewhat turns into a homemaker for Fez and Ashtray, doing chores for them while sharing their apartment.

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