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Emotional Damage Meme: What is Making it Trend on Tiktok?

The year is about to end but it seems we will be seeing one more addition to the meme calendar of 2021.

Memes have become a basic existence of our life. Every now and then a new meme trend pops up on the internet. Some of them disappear in a few days and some leave their mark for a long while. Some even end up becoming a part of our persona.

The very recent trend was the helikopter helokopter trend that sure made some noise on the internet. Pun intended!

Today we talk about the newest meme trend going around, the EMOTIONAL DAMAGE meme.

What Is the Emotional Damage Meme About?

Some of you might have already come across an Asian guy saying “Emotional Damage” at the end of a video either on YouTube or TikTok.

Well, that is basically what the meme is. It starts with a random funny but witty video and it ends with the Asian guy saying “Emotional Damage” in a weird but slightly amusing tone.

Credit: gifs.com

Most of these videos are somewhat about the same thing. It usually starts with one person saying something that is slightly triggering or just plain infuriating and another person then goes and says something witty that roasts the hell out of the first person.

And then enters our Asian dude with his trendy dialogue saying emotional damage in his catchy tone. Despite being called emotional damage; the dialogue basically is being used to define a sort of embarrassment the first person goes through because of the second person’s comment.

It isn’t as dark as it sounds. It’s just funny.

Here is a short compilation video of the trendy meme:

The Man Behind the Emotional Damage Meme

You might be wondering where this meme originated from and who is the guy saying emotional damage at the end of the clips.

The guy behind the voice and video of the Emotional Damage meme is Chinese-Irish Steven He. Steven is an actor-influencer and a famous YouTuber.

Hei’s YouTube channel with his own name as the title of the channel has about 2 million subscribers and he has over 3 million followers on TikTok.

Steven Hei is mostly famous for his comedy sketch videos. He has also worked alongside famous actors and comedians like Awkwafina and Ronny Chieng in movies like Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, A Father’s Son, and Dinosaur World.

The meme originated from his own video on his YouTube channel titled “When “Asian” Is a Difficulty Mode”. Here is the video:

The “emotional damage” dialogue is said by Steven at 1:07 in the video above. From there the video clip was extracted and further converted into a meme and gif.

The meme is trending right now is being used by creators all over social media in their videos or conversations. You can’t tell me you did not try to imitate his voice and say emotional damage in his tone, because you totally did!



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