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Daredevil “AGT: Extreme” Contestant Jonathan Goodwin Paralyzed after Set Injury

“America’s Got Talent: Extreme” contestant Jonathan Goodwin nearly died in October 2021 while performing a stunt on the set of AGT. Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, who is Jonathan’s fiancee, revealed on the Out to Lunch podcast that the injury has left him paralysed.

The Welsh Daredevil Remains Positive

First, Jonathan’s fiancee Amanda Abbington appeared on the Out to Lunch podcast and told everyone that her would-be-husband Jonathan nearly died twice after the horrible accident that took place on the set of “America’s Got Talent: Extreme”.

Amanda stated that “He fell 30 feet and lost a kidney, broke both shoulder blades, shattered both legs,” Abbington said. “Third-degree burns, broke his spine and severed his spinal cord and nearly died. And then on the operating table, he nearly died again.”

She added, “He’s paralyzed now, he’s in a wheelchair. Unless there’s a kind of stem cell surgery or that thing that Elon Musk is designing with the little chip, he’ll be like that forever.”

The 42-year old escapologist and daredevil also posted a photo today in a wheelchair with his dog in his lap. He captioned it,  “6 months ago I went to rehearse something and left this little hairy monkey waiting patiently for me…He didn’t see his dad again until just a couple of weeks ago and when he finally did, dad had new cool wheels.

“A lot has changed in the last 6 months, but love is a constant and I’m very very loved. Looking forward to my next chapters and being a role model.” Many fans started pouring their wishes to the One Way Out star.

One fan wrote, “Sending buckets of love Jonathan, but why do I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop you from doing stunts..!! Looking forward to your next chapter.” Texan comedian Jenny Johnson also wrote, Buster! Roll model! Hi Jonathan!”.

About Jonathan’s Injury


Goodwin opened up even further about his injury on his Instagram Story, revealing he has a T11 spinal cord injury, which he said means he is “paralyzed from the waist down”. Goodwin got injured on October 13, 2021, when he was rehearsing a stunt ahead of the live broadcast of “AGT: Extreme”.

Goodwin was suspended from a wire high in the air while wearing a straight jacket. He was supposed to free himself and fall onto an air mattress below. Instead, he got pinned between two cars, which then erupted into flames during his act on the set at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia. He fell to the ground and was airlifted to a hospital.

Goodwin was released in February 2022 after four months of treatment. Despite being paralyzed, Goodwin is finding hope in the situation and is posting smiling selfies on Instagram with his adorable dog. I believe in miracles and I am sure the badass stuntman will be back on his feet soon! What do you suggest?

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