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Camtasia Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for 2023

Camtasia by TechSmith is a massively popular tool that any individual who regularly needs to record their screen aspires for. However, its price acts as a limitation to many. The Camtasia Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sale solves this problem.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, you can grab Camtasia at a massive discount. This highly recommended screen recorder is very useful to professionals such as YouTubers, Podcasters, Online teachers, and various others.

If you are one such individual, Camtasia would be the perfect tool for you. It is a premium screen recording software that solves all your recording and rendering needs to create outstanding videos. It offers tons of features that professionals can utilize in their routine work.

Find out how to get the best deals on Camtasia for the highest discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Get Camtasia for Flat 25% Off in Black Friday 2023 Sale

Camtasia is considered the best screen recorder by professionals. It comes with a unique list of features, quick guides, and a one-time price that makes it highly useful for online creators.

If you’ve been planning to purchase a Camtasia license, the Black Friday of 2023 will be the perfect time for you to do so. On Black Friday, TechSmith is offering an amazing discount of a flat 25% on Camtasia lifetime license.

This means you can get the Camtasia Individual package for only $187.5 which originally costs $249.99. If you already have an outdated Camtasia license, you can upgrade it to the latest version for just $105 instead of the regular price of $139.99.

This amount you spend on Camtasia will be worth every penny if it enhances the quality of your work. I’d recommend that you do not miss this great deal.

How to Grab the Best Deal on Camtasia this Black Friday?

If you have made up your mind and will buy Camtasia this Black Friday, here is the exact procedure that you need to follow to get the best deal:

  1. Visit the Camtasia Black Friday deal page in a web browser.
  2. On this page, click on the “Add to Cart” button present below the description.
  3. Now click on the “Review cart & Checkout” button available on the top.
  4. You will be taken to the ‘Checkout’ page, enter your email here.
  5. Finally, complete the payment.

Done. After that, you will receive an email from TechSmith providing details about your license and a quick guide to activate Camtasia on your PC. You don’t have to apply any promo codes or use coupons to claim the Camtasia Black Friday deal.

When is Camtasia Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is falling on November 26 this year. Thus, TechSmith is announced to make the Black Friday sale for Camtasia, Snagit, and their other software live from November 24 to  November 29.

The 25% discount during the Black Friday sale will be available for new Camtasia purchases or on upgrading your existing Camtasia license.

Camtasia Cyber Monday Sale

In case you miss buying Camtasia on Black Friday, the next best opportunity will be on Cyber Monday.

You can get a flat 20-30% off on the Camtasia Individual Package during the sale. The discount is available on all the new purchases and on existing license upgrades. You will also get a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on your purchase.

Camtasia by TechSmith: Key Features & Highlights

Camtasia is the perfect screen recorder integrated with a video editor. This feature-rich tool is enough to create exceptional videos professionally. From bloggers to bloggers, YouTubers, Music artists, and other individuals use Camtasia for their work.

The software especially focuses on the people working in the field of Education and Information. If you regularly create “How to” videos, this will be the best tool for you.

Here are the key features and highlights of Camtasia that make it worth buying:

  • Offers tons of templates, effects, filters, and pre-built assets to create awesome videos.
  • Offers a long collection of music templates to use in your videos.
  • Provides brief details for all the screen captures.
  • Offers multiple ways to capture the screen including the option to use a webcam.
  • Records the audio in the highest quality to make it sharp and crisp.
  • The video output quality it offers is exceptional.
  • It has a very clean, easy-to-understand, and dynamic UI.
  • You can save and export your work in multiple formats.
  • It even lets you connect your iOS or Mac device and capture screens directly through them.
  • You can connect it to Google Drive or iCloud to share files.
  • Available on Windows and Mac. Runs smoothly on both of them.

These highlights make Camtasia worth having if you are a professional video content creator.

Is Camtasia worth buying in Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale?

If you’ll ask a professional about the best screen recorder available on the web, he’d definitely recommend you Camtasia. This premium screen recorder plus video editor offers an all-in-one solution for online artists.

However, good things come for a price. And, price is the only limitation that people find about Camtasia. The good thing is that the Camtasia Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale solves this problem.

It slashes the price of Camtasia by a huge margin, and you can get a suitable package at a great discount. This way you can use the fantastic services of Camtasia to create quality videos without having to put a burden on your pocket.

Thus, Camtasia is worth buying during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. Stay ready with your wallet in advance. Do not let this great opportunity go away.

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  1. It’s November 24, 2021, and no Black Friday deals on TechSmith whatsoever. This is the only software company in the world that never offered any sort of discounts in any event. Arrogance at its worst!


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