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Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals at Different Stores

The Black Friday sale on Apple AirPods is live now. You can get all the models of Apple’s widely popular earphones including AirPods Pro and AirPods Max for a highly slashed price. Various retailers are offering deals on AirPods this Black Friday, and we have collected all of them for you.

AirPods are available for the lowest ever prices for the first time this year. If you’ve been planning to get them, you wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this. Make sure you quickly grab it, else the stocks may go out.

Last month, when Walmart started offering AirPods 2 for $89 only, the stock went out quickly. This time, stores have already warned that the stocks are limited and the sales had gone live early.

So, check out the best AirPods deals on this Black Friday sale. Choose the right one and proceed to buy quickly.

1. AirPods with Charging Case for $114.99 ( ̷$̷1̷5̷9̷) at Walmart

AirPods (second generation) with the regular charging case is available at Walmart for only $114.99. The previous price was $159, and the stock had already gone out once. Now it is back in stock. It is the perfect set for anyone wanting to have AirPods.

It comes with the Apple H1 chip and connects quickly with Apple devices. Although they are completely compatible with Androids as well. Earlier, this deal was also available on Amazon but their stock has now sold out.

Find the deal here

2. AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case for $159 ( ̷$̷1̷9̷7̷) at Walmart

The latest AirPods Pro is available at the lowest-ever prices with a Wireless Charging case for only $159 at Walmart. It comes with 24-hours long battery life and is resistant to sweat and water. You can use them while working out or traveling without any issues.

The other prominent features of AirPods Pro include active noise cancellation to cut you from the surroundings, transparency mode to keep you aware of what is going around you, and spatial audio support. It is a steal-deal for this price.

Find the deal here

3. AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case for $189.99 ( ̷$̷2̷4̷9̷.̷9̷9̷) at Best Buy

Best Buy also has a brilliant deal on the latest Apple AirPods Pro. They are offering the AirPods Pro with a MagSafe Charging Case for only $189.99. The regular price of this bundle is $249.99.

Apple’s MagSafe Charging Case helps you to get an extended battery life on your AirPods. It is the perfect combo if you like traveling a lot. Do not miss the deal at this price.

Find the deal here

4. AirPods 3 (2021) for $154 ( ̷$̷1̷7̷9̷) at Walmart

The latest AirPods 2021 (third-generation) are available for a discount for the first since launch. You can buy AirPods 3 with the regular charging case for only $154. The regular price of the third-gen AirPods is $179.

This set comes with support to spatial audio to create an immersive listening experience. If you want to listen to your favorite songs, watch movies, or make calls, it will be perfect for you. Additionally, it is resistant to water and sweat.

Find the deal here

5. AirPods 3 (2021) for $169.99 ( ̷$̷1̷7̷9̷) at Amazon

Amazon is offering the latest AirPods for a discount. However, they have reduced the discount an hour ago. Earlier, you can have them for just $149 but now they are listed for $169.99 as the previous stock has sold out.

Still, you can save $9.01 as the regular price on the store is $179. The good thing is they have enough stock this time for everyone.

Find the deal here

6. AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for $149.99 ($̷1̷9̷9̷.̷9̷9̷) at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case free for only $149.99. The regular price of this bundle at the store is $199.99. You will also get 6 months of Apple Music free with your purchase. There is also an extended period of return for this.

For this price, it is one of the best deals on AirPods this Black Friday. The Wireless charging case and Apple Music will help you to utilize the AirPods to the core.

Find the deal here

7. AirPods Max for $429 (̷$̷5̷4̷9̷) at Crutchfield

Apple AirPods Max is the perfect over-the-ear noise-canceling headphone. This Black Friday, all the color variants of AirPods Max are available for just $429 at Crutchfield. The regular price of AirPods Max is $549. This means you will save $120 on the deal.

AirPods Max features an incredible performance with two Apple H1 chips and Bluetooth 5.0. The design is also sleek and stylish. You will also receive a Smart Case in the package.

Find the deal here

8. Refurbished Apple AirPods Max for $449 ( ̷$̷5̷4̷9̷) at Best Buy

Best Buy is also offering a deal on the refurbished AirPods Max. This beautiful noise-canceling over-the-ear headphone by Apple is available for just $449. It is available in five colors- Space Grey, Silver, Pink, Sky Blue, and Green.

The Refurbished AirPods Max is Geek Squad certified. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality or authenticity. Best Buy is also offering an extended return period in case you find any problems.

Find the deal here

9. AirPods Max- Pink & Green for $478.33 ( ̷$̷5̷4̷9̷) at Walmart

Walmart is offering a Black Friday deal on AirPods Max this year. However, they are only offering the Pink and Green variant of the headphones for a discounted price. The Pink AirPods Max is available for $478.33 while the Green one is available for $479.

The regular price of both of them is $549. So, it is still a good deal. We’d recommend choosing the Green over Pink as it looks really classy on anyone.

Find the deal here 

10. AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case for $209 ( ̷$̷2̷4̷9̷) at B&H Photo

If you failed to find the discounted stock of AirPods Pro, here is one more deal available on it. B&H Photo online store is offering the AirPods Pro with a wireless charging case for only $209, and it is in stock.

The regular price of this bundle is $249 at the store. The stocks are limited for this price. So, you should quickly head over and book your AirPods Pro.

Find the deal here

These are the 10 best deals on AirPods available in this Black Friday sale. You should quickly choose the right set for you and complete your order without a delay. The stocks are very limited and people are crazy for these Apple-produced in-ear headphones.

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