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All The Famous TikTok Stars Who Died in 2022

The world of TikTok is all about energy, entertainment and fame. What seemed like a past-time has now turned into a full-fledged profession for many. TikTok stars like D’Amelio girls, Addison Rae, and Bella Poarch, have used TikTok to their advantage and have had massive success as a result.

Sadly, many TikTok stars have died this year as the app saw an untimely departure of some of its famous content creators–some of who have buckled to the pressures of social media or who were tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have pulled out a whole list of TikTok stars who passed away in the year 2022.

1. Piko Preston

Popular TikToker Piko Preston, aka Pikotrain5, passed away this month. The 43-year-old TikTok star was famous for creating comedic and “reactionary videos” on TikTok. He had over 1 million followers and 13 million likes on the video-sharing platform. Sadly, his sister Lara posted about his untimely demise on Facebook earlier this month.

In the post, she added that Piko was an energetic, wonderful, wild, generous and funny man. Piko Preston was an important part of her life and she shared that she can’t imagine the world without him in it. Well, that is exactly how his fans feel about it. The cause of his death has not yet been revealed.

2. Cooper Noriega

Cooper Noriega, a 19-year-old TikToker and model, died on June 9, 2022, and had around  1.7 million followers on the video-sharing platform. The young TikToker was found dead in the parking lot of a mall. The cause of his death is yet to be determined as the case is under investigation.

Cooper Noriega’s suspicious death has come as a shock to his fans. The 19-year-old star was widely known for his lip-syncing and dance videos. He was also famous for his collaboration with other TikTokers. Cooper was known for openly speaking about his struggles with addiction and mental health on social media.

3. Elvira Demidova

Elvira Demidova was a crane operator and rising TikTok star from Siberia. She had managed to gain more than 41,000 TikTok followers via her candid stories about her routine as a crane operator. The woman, known for her strong personality died a sudden death in July following a gruesome accident at work.

If you don’t know this, it was a usual day at work for her when she was using a crane to load concrete in Tymen, which is a major oil hub in Siberia. Little did she know that things are going to turn out brutal as a gust of wind blew the structure over. This led the cabin to topple 40 feet straight to the ground. Elvira was right beneath and died as the impact of the same.

The mother of two was widely loved by people in her community and had a huge following on TikTok. Not to mention, a crowdfunding campaign was also set up for her death and to further take care of her children who currently live with Elvira’s mother.

4. Jaron Baker

Jaron Baker was another famous TikTok star and model who passed away on July 9 due to a collision in Los Angeles while he was riding his motorbike, Suzuki DRZ400. He was 25 years old at the time of his death. Barker was going back home from a Levi’s campaign when the accident happen. The case was investigated by the Los Angeles police and it was concluded that Jaron died as a result of an accident.

5. Candice Murley

Candice Murley was a famed TikToker who had more than 44,000 followers on TikTok. She went by the names @candimurley and @candicemurley on the video-sharing platform. She too passed away unexpectedly in January 2022. She was just 36 at the time of her death.

After her death, a GoFundMe campaign was created by her sister Marsha McEvoy so that her funeral cost could be covered. She was famous for her singing and dancing videos which were viewed thousands of times by her fans.

Before her death, she posted a last video wherein she was seen smoking a cigarette in response to a TikTok prompt that asked about her age on her next birthday. The cause of death has not yet been revealed but she died under mysterious circumstances. Fans and family poured in wishes soon after her death.

6. Steven Hull Raley

Famous TikTok star Steven Hull Raley was also known as the “Pissed Off Trucker”, thanks to his numerous TikTok videos. He sadly passed away on July 12 as a result of a tragic crash in Kansas at the age of 52. During the time of his accident, Steven was driving a 2019 Volvo semi-truck on the Interstate 70 Highway.

The police released details that his semi-truck went through the fence as it lost control. Before crashing into the fence, it went for another quarter-mile and went straight into a ditch. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His last video was all about wanting to go home. The video was posted a few hours before his death wherein he was heard saying  “All I care about is getting home … that’s what I care about more than anything else.” “I appreciate all of you guys on TikTok. I do, y’all are good people. But if I’m not on your ‘For You page, I don’t care. Just get me home.”

7. Pot Roast The Cat

While humans continue to rule TikTok, Pot Roast was an exception. The fiesty cat, famously known amongst her fanks as the “Pot Roat The Cat”, was so famous that it even had its own merchandise.  Pot Roast passed away on February 16, 2022, in the arms of its owner, who revealed that she suffered from a severe case of FIV, which directly hits the immune system.

Pot Roast came into the limelight when her owner prepared a profile for the cat on social media platforms. Unlike any other cat videos, Pot Roast’s videos were unique and urged viewers to stick to them. It had more than 392,000 followers on TikTok and received more than 14 million likes. Pot Roast was like the OG of all cats!

8. Sania Khan

Sania Khan, who was a renowned Chicago-based photographer who was gaining recognition for posting her work on TikTok, was killed by her ex-husband. The 29-year-old photographer originally hailed from the mountain town Chattanooga in Tennessee, however, she moved to Chicago, Illinois last year. She was also a flight attendant previously.

Sania’s TikTok was gradually gaining a lot of attention for her talent. She had over 3000 followers and her bio reads as: “South Asian, going through a divorce/healing, photographer.” Sania was gradually taking up on her dreams despite the fact that her parents did not support her in the darkest moments.

She was known for her lively character and travelling videos on TikTok. She even documented her divorce journey as well as her photography journey on the video-sharing platform. Little did she know, that her wings would be cut off by her psychopath ex-husband who would eventually kill himself after ending her life. If she was alive, she would have been one of the best photographers around.

9. Neil Almeida

Neil Almeida, a famous Tiktok star known as DJ Tunzaphun, died suddenly on August 2, 2022, in Cape Coral, Florida under mysterious circumstances. His cause of death is not yet made public. On TikTok, he boasted around 117.9K followers and his funny videos gained millions of likes from his fans.

10. Rory Teasley

TikTok star Rory Teasley’s end was unimaginable after his boyfriend, whom he had been dating for 10 years, strangled him to death! The reason was lame, they had a fight over a video game. Rory Teasley was a man who did not have haters. He had more than 200,000 followers on TikTok because well, he knew how to entertain.

He was just 28 years old at the time of his death. Prior to his demise, the content creator was famous for sharing comical videos and lively dances. Just before his death, he posted a funny video and captioned it: “Getting Old A MF”, where he could be seen jokingly holding his back as there were bubble wrap popping sounds behind. He meant, “Approaching 30 be like”. Well, he died before he could touch the number. 

11. Francesco LoPresti

TikTok star Francesco LoPresti was just 24 at the time of his death in March 2022. The “beautiful” content creator was loved by his fans for his godly looks. He had around 700,000 followers, all thanks to his amazing videos with his hot girlfriend.

Francesco was struggling with testicular cancer since the age of 17. He finally lost the battle with cancer on March 21, 2022. His girlfriend and fellow TikTok star Kaitlin Reagan took to social media to break out the tragic news. In her note to her 3 million followers, she wrote: “It was really hard to make this video That’s why it’s been a while since … It’s been a week since he hasn’t been here. But you guys deserve to know he loved you guys so much…”

12. Leonardo Gil

Rising TikTok star Leonardo Gil, was also a healthcare worker. And well, his TikTok videos were all about what he loved doing the best. As an endoscopy technician at the Hialeah Hospital, he was known for posting work videos for his 200,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.

As for his death, he was just 34 at the time of his death. Police authorities revealed that Gil was hit by a dark-colours SUV or van while he was riding his motorcycle after finishing his shift at work. After his death, his fans set up a GoFundMe page for his funeral expenses and memorial cost. Gil had been associated with Hialeah Hospital for more than a decade since he immigrated from Cuba.

13. Brandon Brootal

Brandon Brootal, a TikTok and Instagram personality died in January 2022. His family confirmed the shocking news by writing: “To honour the request of Brandon’s fans, his family will continue to post unreleased photos here for you to remember him by. Long Live Brandon Brootal, Rest In Peace, Brando.”

He was in his early 20s at the time of his death. On a normal day, Brandon could be seen listening to music and doing poetry. He has more than 1.4 million followers on his TikTok where he went by the name “Brandonbrootal7”. He was well-known for bringing back the emo style of the 2000s and even dressed up like one. Some fans speculate that

The young TikTok star, who was in his early 20s loved poetry and music. He was known as ‘brandonbrootal7’ on TikTok and had amassed 1.4 million followers on the video-sharing platform. He was known for creating content related to the emo scenes of the 2000s. Brandon’s cause of death is not yet known but some fans believed that he may have taken his own life.

These sudden deaths have left the TikTok verse in total shock. Last year, we witnessed the sudden deaths of some famous TikTok stars like John Kelly, Alexis Sharkey and Rochelle Hager.

This year, fans lost more TikTok celebrities, who died under mysterious circumstances or because of the pressure of trying to fit in the society. However, some just died a natural death. TikTok feels empty without these talented would. Did I miss someone? Feel free to share.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.



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