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Aaron Carter Died Without A Will; Who Will Decide The Inheritance Of His Estate?

American singer and songwriter, Aaron Carter, was found dead in a bathtub on November 5, 2022. Fans are now wondering who will inherit his estate as the 34-year-old singer passed away without leaving a will behind. Well, it has also been reported that he didn’t leave much behind for his family. Read on to know who gets to take this important decision in the absence of a will.

Who Will Decide The Inheritance?

Aaron Carter, who was found dead at his Lancaster home last weekend, passed away without leaving a will behind. In this case, the State of California will be responsible for deciding the inheritance of the deceased singer’s estate.

Aaron has left behind a young child with his fiancée Melanie. Recently, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services shifted his 11-month-old son, Prince from the couple’s home in September, and he has since been living with Melanie’s mother.

Now the question arises who gets to inherit Aaron’s will? Even though the decision lies with the State of California, it is obvious that the 34-year-old singer’s son, Prince could inherit his father’s estate. Well, Californian law stated that “a child is first in line to inherit a parent’s estate if the parent passes away without a will.”

However, it has been reported that Aaron wasn’t financially stable at the time of his death. A close source revealed that he was “living hand-to-mouth and would typically spend what he earned in short order.” So, it’s hard to say if there’s much left for the child.

Aaron Cater’s Last Days…

Aaron Carter, who rose to fame as a teen pop singer in the late 90s, passed away last Saturday (Nov. 5), inside his Lancaster, California home. Law enforcement responded to a call around 11 a.m. that a man drowned in the bathtub. Even though no foul play is suspected, an official cause of death still remains unknown, and the case is still under investigation.

It is worth noting that in September, police appeared at Carter’s home to do a welfare check after it came to light that the singer was doing drugs during an Instagram live session. During the check, authorities revealed that they received a call about Carter “possibly overdosing on social media.”

During this podcast,  Carter told Adam Grandmaison, “I’ve been on the fence about Kanye for a minute. In my opinion right now, Kanye, you are stupid as sh-t. For putting out a White Lives Matter shirt when the white population isn’t being targeted and dealing with prejudice and racism and all this bullsh-t,” he added.

Carter also gave opinions on Ye’s recent controversies and revealed that he wanted to make music with him, adding that he could offer him some advice and help him out with his problems. “I would do a song with Kanye…maybe I can give you an intellectual conversation about how you’re being stupid as f-ck like me,” he mentioned on the podcast.

Even in his final tweet, Carter tried to reach out to Ye. He tweeted on Nov. 3, “Yo Kanye let’s talk… man to man.” Aaron Carter rose to fame as a teen pop singer in the late 90s, with his four studio albums. However, it is not known whether he had some unresolved issues with Ye.

Carter is best known for opening on tour for the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears before going on a solo tour in 2000. He also appeared alongside his elder brother, Nick Carter, and their three siblings Bobbie Jean, Leslie and Angel in their short-lived 2006 E! reality show House of Carters.

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