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Hello Wordl is the Most Challenging Wordle Alternative

Wordle can get too easy when you play it regularly and know the right tricks to guess the mystery word. To ramp up the challenge, we are presenting Hello Wordl in front of you. It is another word-guessing game based on the original game but a pragmatic twist.

It isn’t related to the famous Hello World, and it isn’t Wordle-version built specifically for coders, programmers, and developers. The best thing about the game is that it allows you to play as long as you want.

However, it didn’t take away the community connection either. You can also play it with like Wordle where the whole world tries to guess a single mystery word. But, how does it achieve that? And, how do you play it? Find out everything here.

What is Hello Wordl?

“Hello Wordl” is a clone of the wildly popular Wordle created by Josh Wardle. It is developed by Twitter user @chordbug who is a programmer and musician from Belgium. He describes it as a “less social but infinitely replayable” word-guessing game.

The Hello Wordl website has the following description about the game:

This game is very similar to Wordle but features a key twist in that you are allowed to set the number of letters of the mystery word. The bar is set to “5” by default, inspired by the original game. However, you have an option to choose between 4 to 11 letters by simply moving the slider.

Other than that, the rules are simple. You need to guess a mystery word in 6 or fewer attempts, just like Wordle. Another important aspect of the game is that you can play it as many times as you want while Wordle is only available to place once a day.

You don’t have to boast your achievement of guessing the mystery word on Twitter either. Just play the game for your own satisfaction. You can still capture a screenshot and post it on your profile though.

Hello Wordl Today’s vs Hello Wordl Random

Hello Wordl features two modes- Hello Wordl Today’s and Hello Wordl Random. The first mode is just like Wordle where the whole world is guessing the same word, however, it still allows you to set the character limit.

The second mode is more like Wordle Unlimited and allows you to play the game as many times as you want. You just have to keep guessing a mystery word, and then restart the process, and keep repeating this. There are no limitations, only that you should guess every word in six or fewer attempts.

How to Play Hello Wordl?

Hello Wordl is a web-based game that you can play directly from your browser. To play, launch any web browser on your PC or smartphone, and visit this website. After loading it, you will see the Hello Wordl Random mode on your screen.

If you wish to play Hello Wordl Today’s mode, click on “Today’s” present on the top left corner of the screen. The game also allows you to set the limit of characters the mystery word should have. You can move the slider from four to eleven characters.

After selecting the mode you want to play and the character limit, you can use your keyboard or the on-screen keyboard to start entering words.

At first, you have to enter a random word. Make sure you choose it wisely and do not use a word containing rarely used letters like Q, X, Z, etc. After that, the color of tiles will change based on your input.

If the tile turns green, it means the right letter is at the right place, if it turns yellow, this means the right letter is in the wrong spot, and if it turns grey, this means the letter is not present in the word. Just continue guessing according to the colors of tiles and you’ll be able to guess the mystery word.

How is it different than Wordle?

Hello Wordl is not very different than Wordle. In fact, the creator accepts that it is heavy-inspired by it, and is just a Wordle Alternative for people who want to play it all day. However, there are certain differences that make the game stand out.

The key difference between the two games is that Hello Wordl allows players to play infinitely via its Random mode, whereas, Wordle is only available to play once starting midnight.

Another major difference is that Hello Wordl allows players to set the limit of characters that the mystery word should have. Players are free to guess any word from four to eleven characters. However, Wordle only offers a five-letter mystery word to guess.

Other than that, both games are pretty much use the same concept. Hello Wordl is another great clone in the already long list containing games like Heardle, Quordle, Worldle, etc.

Every day, the options for word-guessing game fans are expanding. The best part is that people have implemented these in their daily routines. Have you also done it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Problem of hellowordl.net is the 5 letter word redundancy. While it’s unlimited play, the number of word options is extremely limited. DOZENS of word repeated in only 1,000 games! Further, its program doesn’t add bona fide guessed words, but not pre-selected by the creator. NOT ONE of my base words was “correct.” BTW, my scores are 99.6 o/o completed (.4 failed) and 80.3 o/o in 4 or fewer tries. Original Wordle is 100 o/o in 157 games. I’m 78 next month. Yes, I’ve tried other lengths. (Please do NOT share my personal data. Thanks)


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