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Wordle Unlimited: Play and Guess Multiple Words Daily

For Wordle enthusiasts who have nothing new left in the Wordle archive, and now are looking to find some good alternatives, Wordle Unlimited is just the right option to try.

If you’ve mastered Wordle and feel like there should be more to the massively popular NY Times-owned title, then Wordle Unlimited is the perfect game for you. It is the same Wordle-like gameplay but without the meager limitations, solving the original game’s biggest shortcomings.

The core idea is simple- when you’ve completed a game, or simply searched for today’s Wordle answer, then simply press Enter to start a new one. You can spend as much time as you wish playing this unofficial but great version of Wordle.

What is Wordle Unlimited and How does it Work?

As its name suggests, Wordle Unlimited is just Wordle without any limitations or bounding. The most obvious highlight is that when you have successfully completed (or failed), a new word will pop up in its place on pressing Enter, without having to wait for a full day.

Another unique feature is in terms of word length. You can adjust the number of letters in the mystery word between as few as four and as many as 11 from the Settings menu. We’d recommend choosing the five or six-word setting to enjoy the game the most.

One might argue that this may remove the core idea behind Wordle’s popularity- the whole world chasing the same word. It is indeed true to an extent but Wordle Unlimited solves it by allowing you to create a custom link that you can share with anyone including your friends, siblings, etc, to have fun together while targeting the same word of the same word limit setting.

You can even create a custom game having your own choice of words to play with your friends to pass time together when you are apart. Although you shouldn’t use too geeky words to ruin your friendship.

How is Wordle Unlimited different than Wordle?

Wordle Unlimited works on the same concept as Wordle- you get six guesses at the word and each attempt will color in the letters to give you a hint of whether the letters match the correct position; green shows a correct letter in the right position while yellow shows a correct letter in the wrong position.

However, Wordle Unlimited also features some key differences that make it different from Wordle. The most obvious one is that you can continue playing the game as many times in a day as you wish after guessing the word right or wrong. Whereas, the vanilla Wordle only allows you to guess a single word in a day.

Wordle also has a massive community that tries guessing a single word every day, but Wordle Unlimited doesn’t have any active community behind it. Instead, you can play it with your friends or anyone you want using a custom link of the same choice of words.

Wordle Unlimited also allows you to adjust the length of the words from Settings. For example, you can choose to only have four, five, six, or up to eleven character words. This feature isn’t available in the original Wordle game.

You can also set your “level of Weirdness” on Wordle Unlimited, and get “hints” when you are stuck. These settings will never be available on the traditional Wordle though.

How do you play Wordle Unlimited?

If you have played Wordle, then playing Wordle Unlimited will be no different for you. Firstly, you have to launch any web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc, and head over to the Wordle Unlimited website.

Now you can start playing just like you play Wordle. Before beginning, you can click on the “gear” icon at the top-right section to adjust the settings according to your preferences.

You have six guesses for each word. Enter the characters and press Enter. The green light will represent that you are in the right direction while the yellow shows a correct letter in the wrong position.

After six guesses, you’ll have the right or the wrong word. Just press Enter on the keyboard to restart the game with another word. You don’t have to wait for the day to pass to start guessing another word.

Can you play it on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Wordle Unlimited on your Android mobile or iPhone using a browser of your choice just like you play on PC.

The Safari browser on iPhone allows users to set a website as a pseudo-app. Using this feature, you can install Wordle Unlimited on your iPhone (kind of). Just head over to its website on Safari, tag the ‘Share’ icon, and click on the “Add to Home screen” option.

You can also add the Wordle Unlimited website as a home screen shortcut on your Android smartphone as well. This way, you can directly launch and start enjoying the game.

There’s one more Viral Alternative to try: Heardle

There’s one more Wordle alternative that we’ll recommend you try, and it is getting viral recently- Heardle. It is another Wordle spin-off but the goal is to guess the song, instead of the word.

Heardle makes people listen to the intro of a song, which is of a track from a collection of the most streamed songs in the last 10 years, and then they have to name it correctly to win the challenge for the day.

Players have six guesses to try just like Wordle. The first attempt plays one second of the song, the second plays two seconds, then the next attempts play four, seven, eleven, and finally sixteen seconds of the song. Heardle also offers assistance by auto-filling the possible songs you could be typing.

There’s only one game per day, just like Wordle and unlike Wordle Unlimited. The website also saves your scores and you can share them directly to your social media profiles for boasting purposes.

Heardle and Wordle Unlimited are two of my favorite Wordle alternatives right now. People can spend hours playing the latter one. Do you know some more under-rated web-based games? Let us all know in the comments.

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