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Adverswordle: Make AI Guess the Word in this Wordle Alternative

Wordle’s massive popularity has opened doors for lots of cool alternatives, and one such great word-guessing game is Adverswordle. However, you are not the one trying to guess the right word here. It’s the AI.

Yes, it lets you take the sweet revenge if you have felt shameful after not being able to guess the Wordle puzzles. However, the AI is a tough opponent as it was able to guess words like cater, bloke, etc, in a fairly easier manner.

Still, this reversed or backward version of Wordle is a game you should definitely try. It is very similar yet very different to the core concept of the viral web-based word-guessing game which is now owned by The New York Times.

What is Adverswordle?

Adverswordle is an alternative to Wordle that is trending these days. The idea behind this game is simple- you need to think of a mystery five-letter word and let the AI (Artificial Intelligence) try to guess it as early as possible.

You do not have to brainstorm and guess a word as you do in Wordle. Instead, AI will do all the hard work and you can just relax and enjoy the efforts. The aim of the game is to go as long as you can without letting the AI guess the right word.

The name Adverswordle is short for Adversary Wordle, which also means Wordle but backward. It is surprising that the creators didn’t consider Adversle as its name.

How to Play Adverswordle?

To play Adverswordle, open a web browser and click on this link. You can use any supported browser including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Brave, etc.

Now you need to think of a word, try thinking of a lesser-known and hard-to-guess word. Next, the AI/computer will offer guesses and you have to mark down which letters are correct and if they are in the right spot or not. It’s just that the roles are reversed from Wordle.

Once the AI is able to guess the word correctly, the game is over. The final score is determined by the number of attempts the computer took to guess the right answer. Upon trying the game, the best we reached till now is only six.

Remember that you can’t trick or cheat either as the game is developed in a manner that the computer would eventually find out. If you keep changing the word or use a word that didn’t exist, the game will know and kick you out with a score of zero.

You can play Adverswordle once a day, every day, just like Wordle. After playing, you can also share your scores directly to social media platforms including Reddit and Discord directly.

Rules and Tips you need to remember

Adverswordle can be a pretty challenging game as the AI is very smart. If you are only able to think up simple words like sound, great, etc, then the game will beat you very easily. You need to think of some hard words that are not much used in day-to-day conversations.

You can also use a dictionary to get the idea for the word. However, do not try to trick or cheat the AI as it will ultimately find and you will have a score of zero. So, play the game fairly but build your vocabulary wizardry and use it to ace the game.

Wordle vs Adverswordle: What are the Differences?

Wordle and Adverswordle are very similar yet very different. They work on the same concept but the roles of the player and computer are reversed. In Wordle, you need to guess the game in a limited number of turns but in Adverswordle, the computer has to guess the game in the lowest number of turns.

The key difference in the manner of playing is that the computer can take as many turns as it needs to guess the right word. However, you only get six attempts at most to guess the five-letter word (called Wordle of the day).

The main similarity is you can play both Wordle and Adverswordle only once a day. However, if you want to play Wordle multiple times a day, you can try Wordle Unlimited or Wordle Archive.

Another similarity is that both the games use a five-letter word for guessing. Both of them are web-based browser games and built using a similar code. Adverswordle is a really cool twist to the original game and you should definitely try it if you have already tried out other Wordle alternatives.

The world is crazy for Wordle right now, and that has led to the fans wanting more of it. This is further leading to fun games like this one. Do you know about any other cool spin-Wordle spin-offs?

If you do, don’t forget to drop them in the comments section. We’ll be glad to try it out.

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