Netflix The Creative Indians

Now available on Netflix, the docuseries “The Creative Indians,” gives audiences an in-depth look into the mind and process of some of India’s best-known artists.

Viewers can now dive into the show’s third season, which first aired in 2017 and recently became available on the streaming giant. Hosted by brothers Manil and Rohit Gupta, the series consists of ten episodes of around 23 minutes each with a focus on one creative artist per episode.

The strength of the show lies on the fact that “The Creative Indians” acts as a gateway to artists who aren’t from mainstream industries like Bollywood or fashion design. One memorable episode takes a look into the public art project of beautifying the iconic black and yellow taxis of Mumbai, India. Contemporary artists banded together to design fabrics and seat covers for the cabs. The Guptas manage throw a spotlight on the daily life of the every day Indians in a way we don’t often see on television.

Season three’s premiere focuses on musical whiz A.R. Rahman, who won two Oscars for his work in “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Other episodes also feature popular Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, photographer Bandeep Singh, and architect Sorabh Gupta among others.

Every episode includes interviews with the artist featured and a first-person account of their methods and principles. This season, especially, is an excellent way of learning more about the creatives who work hard off-camera.

In her episode, the fashion designer Dongre talked in detail about her experiences with failure and how she specialized in her field and earned her place in the industry. Today, she owns her fashion house and is credited for being one of the first big Indian designers to actively promote organic clothing.

Another episode dives into the world of hair by profiling to Adhuna Bhabhani and Avan Contractor, premiere hairstylists who talk about transforming their skills into an art form. Piyush Pandey, chairman of advertising company Ogilvy South Asia, is a featured artist for season three. He talks about some of his groundbreaking campaigns for major brands like Google and Cadbury.

While “The Creative Indians” first ran in 2014 only the third season is currently available on Netflix. We’re crossing our fingers that the earlier episodes will soon be streaming as well.

“The Creative Indians” is solid, interesting, and quick to watch. It’s the perfect artsy escape watch — which is exactly what most of us need right now.



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