Whiskey and samosa go together. Whiskey plus learning samosa folding and sari draping, on the same damn night, AND with good friend Jack? Notsomuch. The comic below is based on true events. I know Jack Daniel’s all too well, but I know jack shit about putting on a sari.

However, I have since learned how to properly fold and tuck a samosa. I’m an Indian food writer – it was getting embarrassing that I didn’t exude more confidence in the art of samosa-ing! So I taught myself (sober) and I’ve nailed it.

Sari draping still remains an enigma. It’s the fashion equivalent to a friggin’ Rubik’s Cube to me. It’s something I want to learn because I love how sensual a sari can look when properly worn. My first self-tutorial didn’t go well. I ended up wearing a samosa, not a sari. Here’s a reenactment of that confusing night.



True Story.

You are what you eat. Or…you dress like you eat?