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World on Fire Season 2: Release Date and Rumors

With the mind-blowing out-of-the-box first season of World on Fire getting everyone’s attention, we are eagerly waiting for any news about the series being renewed for a new season.

With a lot of rumors and gossips floating around, here is what is known about the highly anticipated season 2 of World on Fire so far:

Recap of Season 1

Season 1 of World on Fire featured a historical drama about World War II which garnered a lot of attention, especially from historical drama lovers.

The season followed the interconnected lives of ordinary civilians living all over Europe who somehow got caught between the skirmishes of World War II.

The star-studded list of portrayals of characters focused on locations even as far-flung as Manchester, Berlin, Warsaw, and Paris during the beginning of the war back in 1939.

Peter Bowker, the creator, and writer of World on Fire Season 1 scripted an out-of-the-box plot that portrayed the lives of characters who had to unwillingly engage in the battlefield during the war in order to survive.

The audience was charmed by the outstanding cinematography and action-packed scenes. The series premiered in the UK back in 2019, and the audience in the US got to see it the following year.

Will There Be a Season 2 of World on Fire?

Currently, there has been no official confirmation about a Season 2 by BBC. However, it has been confirmed that Season 2 of World on Fire is in the making. Excited? Keep Reading!

The broadcaster announced that the series has been renewed for another season. The renewal was confirmed back in November 2019 but the production was massively delayed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Also one of the main characters of the series, Honah Hauer King has been busy being involved in the filming of the live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The official Instagram page of the page claimed that they were intending to start filming the second season during the summer. So we can expect the next season to be released sometime in 2022.

Peter Bowker’s Vision of Season 2

On being asked about what can we expect from season 2, Bowker said: “In Season 2, Kasia and Lois will meet, and the fallout from that, I think for everybody, will be interesting and fascinating. Season 2 will start, historically, with the blitz in the Northwest of England. And North Africa will be very much the field of battle. We’ll find out more about Webster’s family history. Nancy will finally have to leave Berlin near the start of the series, for crossing a line, and we will also find out more about Nancy. And she will carry on. She will definitely be in the Soviet Union for some of it. So yeah, that’s the shape it’s taking. And Lois, of course, trapped in a rather Brontë-Esque, loveless marriage with Vernon.”

All of this shows how brilliantly Peter has scripted the next season and we can expect a lot of action and thrill from it! So stay tuned folks!



  1. I can’t wait. I’m hoping that my DVR tapes it when it airs under season one’s listing.

    I believe that Brian J Smith’s character Webster O’Connor is actually Helen Hunt’s character Nancy Campbell’s son.

  2. Just finished watching series 1 and it is excellent. Looking forward to series 2. Hope it is not too long. Everything about it is so well done.


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