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Let Me Be Your Knight Character Posters Revealed; Check Them Out

Let Me Be Your Knight brings the most colorful and starring characters. 

The upcoming drama, Let Me Be Your Knight is on SBS’s drama list. The characters’ posters have left the world in awe of them. The show is a romantic drama which is about a doctor who accidentally somehow gets hooked to a dorm to treat a member, who belongs to the idol band LUNA and is suffering from sleepwalking.

The character posters are out. Lee Jun Young, Jang Dong Joo, Jung In Sun, Yoon Ji Sung, Kim Dong Hyun, and JR are the characters.

With the revelation of the posters of the six main characters of the show, K-Pop fans are truly ecstatic.

Let Me Be Your Knight – Dreamy Look At The Characters Posters!

Here is what each player’s role is in Let Me Be Your Knight.

LUNA, the band will have a star-studded list of characters that will see.

  • Lee Jun Young as LUNA’s leader, vocalist, and producer aka Yoon Tae In
  • JR will be the bassist of the band aka Lee Shin
  • Kim Dong Hyun will be the keyboard player aka Woo Ga On
  • Yoon Ji Sung is the drummer of the band aka Kim Yoo Chan
  • Jang Dong Joo will play sub-vocal aka Seo Woo Yeon
  • Jung In Sun is a travel guide who is now a fraud physician aka In Yoo Joo

And before we go any further, here’s a look at the characters. Each character reveals the importance of music in their life.

“Music? I don’t know much about that kind of thing, and you want me to treat a musical prodigy?!”,  the caption of Jung In Sun Poster reveals.

The caption of Lee Jun Young’s posters speaks about the confidence of Yoon Tae In relation to music, “Music? Like breathing, it comes naturally to me. Because it’s essentially who I am.”

JR aka Lee Shin’s poster is about him being cheerful about music. The poster reads “Music is what makes me the freest. Oh, you’re saying I was already free-spirited, to begin with?”

Yoon Ji Sung aka Kim Yoo Chan’s inner speaking is revealed in the poster which reads, “Music is something I do in order to become famous. Isn’t that the case for everyone?”

Kim Dong Hyun is all about Woo Ga On’s past trouble as it reads, “Music helps me to forget. Because at that moment, I forget everything.”

Jang Doon Joo’s aka Seo Woo Yeon’s romantic side is out, The caption says, “Music? Like a first love, something that I pursue with a pure heart.”

Let Me Be Your Knight Release Date and Where To Watch Online?

”Let Me Be Your Knight” is seeing a premiere date on November 7th at 11 P.M KST. You can watch it online on Viki.

So, that’s everything about the series.

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