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Encanto Movie – The Buzz, Meaning, and Reasons to Watch

We wait for Disney movies with all our hearts. Disney movies are a treat to watch. From the beautiful graphics and animations to characters, plots, and everything in between – every Disney movie stays with us forever.

One such beautiful movie that you all must watch is Encanto.

Encanto is the newest computer-animated musical hit released by Disney. It takes place in a magical and enchanted village full of awe and wonder, everything doing justice to its title. The story revolves around the multi-generational Madrigal family helmed by matriarch Abuela Alma Madrigal, mother of three magically-gifted triplets who is also a keeper of the magical candle.

While all eyes are on the characters and theme of the movie, you may also wonder what the term ‘ Encanto’ means.

What Does Encanto Mean?

In English, Encanto signifies charm, spell, glamor, delight, or joy. This word can be used to describe many things – traditions, people, and magic spells. All of them constitute the elements of this movie.

The Start-cast of Encanto

This Disney movie is studded with the world-famous stars. It features big names like John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, and Stephanie Beatriz who voiced the lead role of Mirabel. The original score of the movie is composed by Germaine Franco. Encanto also has eight original songs, all of which are written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

More About Encanto

Encanto takes place in the mountains of Colombia. In particular, the story revolves around a 15-year-old girl Mirabel who lives in an enchanted place where every child is blessed with extraordinary powers but for herself. She, therefore, struggles to find her place in her family and village.

However, when the magical powers of her family become endangered, she must use her ordinary gifts to save Encanto.

Why Should you Watch Encanto?

Whether you are a teenager, a youngster, or an adult, this movie will take you on an emotional ride and will stay with you for a long time. You will learn many lessons from this movie. Besides this, the whole story also embraces Colombian culture like no other. You will not see the mainstream portrayal of Colombia, but a beautiful, colorful, energetic, and vibrant representation.

Aside from the lessons that you will learn from this film, Encanto embraces Colombian culture like no other. Instead of the cliché portrayal of Colombia as a country known for Pablo Escobar and internal conflicts from history, Encanto presents Colombia with its vibrant, energetic representation.

Here are other reasons why you must watch this movie.

No Antagonist

Unlike other movies, Encanto doesn’t have an antagonist or negative character. Abuela is not the villain of the film. It makes the movie different from the regular plot. Disney has taken a leap of faith and executed the storytelling to perfection.

Mirabel is to watch out for

The protagonist, Mirabel, is not like a typical character. She is very ordinary yet manages to stand strong and create a distinct mark for herself in a room full of gifted individuals. She doesn’t wait for the prince charming to arrive but takes charge of saving her family.

We promise you will look back on Encanto with love even after ten years of watching this movie. Everything is beautiful and properly executed. Take some time off your hectic schedule, grab some popcorn, and plan to watch Encanto with your friends and family.

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