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Doja Cat Decides To Make Only Rap, Pop Music Doesn’t Excite Her Anymore!

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, feels that pop music doesn’t excite her anymore! The 27-year-old artist is presently working on her new album, Hellmouth. Doja fired a series of tweets, expressing to her fans that she is finally ready to move on from the pop scene and focus solely on rap.

Doja Cat’s Pop Era Ends!

Doja Cat has decided to move on from her pop scene. As she gears up with her new album, “Hellmouth”, the 27-year-old rapper has decided to make it all about rap. While answering some questions regarding her next album, “Mooo!” the artist revealed that her forthcoming album will be “rap only”.

Even though Doja witnessed massive success with “Planet Her”, she clarified that pop music no longer “excites” her and she’s done making it. Ironically, she rose to stardom with her pop songs, recall her viral TikTok song, “Say So”?

Despite making a name in this genre, she always included rap in her bag. Doja’s new album, Hellbound is set to release sometime this year. The album will include 10 songs and 5 additional tracks. Hopefully, it’s gonna be a summer drop.

She also posted a series of tweets to confirm her decision. She wrote, “No more pop,”. In another follow-up tweet, Doja wrote: “I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are. I wasn’t trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that I can’t so I will.”

Fans Go Esctatic As Doja Goes All Rap!

Doja Cat is one of the most successful artists out there, and her music is described as hip-hop, pop, R&B and pop rap. But again, when asked about her legacy, Doja always felt that she likes to be “remembered for her versatility, in not only music but also visual art and dance.”

But now, she feels differently. Doja, who has been often referred to as a “skilled technical rapper with a strong melodic sense and a bold visual presence,” has decided to stick to one genre and do great things with it. One fine example of the same is “Hellmouth”.

In a February interview, Doja stated that her new album would include “much more rap” and hopes of exploring some punk sounds.” “For this next era, I’m going in a more masculine direction,” Doja said about the change.

As she spoke about her decision to give up pop music, fans went a little ecstatic.  One fan responded to her saying they hope the “comments are not the only thing that pushed” Doja to “go full rap.” Doja Cat responded, “Pop isn’t exciting to me anymore. I don’t wanna make it.” Rap or pop, because Doja publicly announced quitting music last year, fans are truly elated that she isn’t done yet!

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