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Apple TV+ Released a New Trailer of ‘Now & Then’

We love ourselves a show about celebrating friendships. College friendships are some of the best memories we have and the journey would not be as thrilled without your favorite set of friends!

From fights to secret-keeping, skipping lectures, falling in love and more, we’ve all lived at least once. Planning a reunion after years of not seeing everyone you struggled a degree with, meeting those friends and reliving those memories until a traumatic incident occurs and you get blackmailed into reliving a horrific past. 


The streaming platform AppleTV is gearing up with another thriller full of mysteries and dark secrets. Now & Then is an exclusive series from AppleTV that is ready to premiere in a month. 

The streaming platform has released a trailer for its upcoming bilingual series. The series is shot in both English and Spanish language. The trailer is already creating a buzz around the internet for its diverse cast. Here’s everything you should know. 

Now & Then: Apple TV released a new trailer

AppleTV is causing a roar with their new releases every week. The streaming platform has updated its stock of crime thrillers for 2022 with another thriller series, Now & Then.

The series that has s bilingual approach in its narrative seems promising. With its announcement made back in January 2021, the series has finally released its much awaited trailer.

The series is going to hit the platform on May 20th with exclusive three episodes premiering on the launch date followed by five remaining episodes releasing weekly on the platform. 

The show is set in Miami that follows a usual group of friends living their best lives until one of them dies and the death becomes a secret of their souls. 

Now & Then is directed by Carlos Sedes and Gideon Raff who also serve as the executive producer of the show. The series is created by Ramón Campos, Teresa Fernández-Valdés and Gema R. Neira.

Now & Then: Let’s talk the trailer

The trailer for the series reveals a dark secret linking all of their childhood friends together: a thrilling party that resulted in someone dying during their weekend partying.

Sadly, the tension builds from there when the group starts getting blackmailed two decades later with their secret.

In order to avoid death and/or premature public humiliation, they’ll have to do what they can to keep the story from leaking!

The trailer of the show promises that it is not only thrilling but also an entertaining watch as we see two sets of actors portraying the same characters in different moments of their lives – not to mention we will get to see them act while talking at least two languages.

Now & Then: Cast

The star studded cast is one of the top reasons to watch this show. The series features Academy Award nominees  Marina de Tavira and Rosie Perez. Along with them, José María Yazpik, Soledad Villamil,Željko Ivanek, Maribel Verdú, Manolo Cardona, Jorge López, Alicia Sanz,  Alicia Jaziz, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Jack Duarte and Miranda de la Serna.

Here you go! As for now, this is all you should know before gearing up for the upcoming bilingual AppleTV series, Now & Then. We will be back with more updates soon. 

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