Kindle Unlimited — the subscription-based digital lending library offered by Amazon — can be a goldmine for readers to check out new stories and voices. Wading through hundreds of books listed can be overwhelming, especially if you are not sure about the kind of book you are looking for.

To that end, we’ve rounded up four novels by authors of South Asian descent that are currently available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited.

“Sparks off You” by Anita Felicelli

Sparks of You by Anita Felicelli

Julie and Maya, two sisters from the Bay Area, are the heart of this young adult novel by Anita Felicelli. The two girls feel suddenly unmoored and neglected after the death of their mother and their father’s apparent indifference to their wellbeing. As the pair take different paths as they navigate adolescence, readers witness the strength of their bond and the impact of grief on their lives.

Check out “Sparks off You” here.

“Coconut Unlimited” by Nikesh Shukla

Coconut Unlimited Nikesh Shukla

“Coconut Unlimited” is a coming of age story. Shukla’s novel is set at Harrow, the tony boarding school that has been educating members of Britain’s upper class for centuries. It is there that we meet Amit, Anand, and Nishant, three South Asian boys from the working class London neighborhood of Southall. The trio constantly feel like they don’t belong anywhere, as they are torn between the casual and horrible racism they experience at school and their old neighborhood friends, making them feel like they’ve left them behind. To combat all of that, they do what teens have been doing for generations to become cool: they start a band.

Borrow “Coconut Unlimited” here.

“Awakened” by Laxmi Hariharan

Awakened by Lakshmi Hariharan

Set in an alternative version of Mumbai, Hariharan’s heroine Ruby lives in a city that is quickly crumbling to pieces. When Ruby’s best friend is kidnapped, she knows that she is the only one who will be able to figure out what really happened. She teams up with a former cop named Vikram in an attempt to save both her friend and her hometown.

Get your copy here.

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