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What is “Unviewed Story” Notification on Snapchat and How to Turn it Off?

If you have recently noticed a new notification from Snapchat stating that you have an “Unviewed Story” from a friend/ contact, it’s obvious to be curious. We’re going to explain the notification that informs you about unseen stories on Snapchat.

Snapchat has become one of the most used social media apps these days, especially among Gen Z. There are plenty of features on the app that have kept the users hooked including filters, lenses, streaks, and Spotlights.

Snapchat has also introduced a Dual Camera feature recently which seems to be inspired by BeReal but isn’t exactly a copy. It boasts unique capabilities that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

What does an “Unviewed Story” mean on Snapchat?

Among the list of features that Snapchat offers, Story is one of them. The Story lets you share a picture or video on the platform for a period of 24 hours, just like Instagram Stories or WhatsApp Stories.

Once a Snapchat Story completes 24 hours, it gets automatically deleted and you can’t view it then. When your friends post a Story and you don’t view it but the timer for its 24-hour duration is about to complete, Snapchat sends you a notification.

It’s the “Unviewed Story” notification that tells you about a story from a friend or contact on Snapchat that you haven’t seen yet. The notification says, “You have an unviewed story from xxx” where xxx is the username/ name of the contact.

When you open Snapchat, you can go to the Friends section and view all the available stories. The stories that you haven’t opened will have a “purple circle” around them.

Is the “Unviewed Story” a new Notification on Snapchat?

No, the “Unviewed Story” isn’t a new Snapchat notification. It has been on the app for a very long time and was previously known as “Unseen Story.” You might haven’t ever noticed it as Snapchat used to send it less frequently.

However, since the beginning of October, Snapchat has increased the frequency of the notification and many users are receiving them every day when they don’t view their friends’ stories.

Snapchat uses an algorithm to send a notification that detects when you open someone’s story continuously but are about to skip for a day or two. It then sends you the “Unviewed Story” notification, so you can tap on it and view the story.

How to Turn Off the Unviewed Story Notification on Snapchat?

The Unviewed Story or Unseen Story notification can be pretty annoying at times when you are not interested in viewing everyone’s stories. If the “Unviewed Story” notification disturbs you and you want to turn it off, there’s a method available to do that.

Just launch Snapchat and tap on your profile icon from the top left corner. Now tap on the gear icon to go to Settings. Next, find and tap on “Notifications” from the My Account section.

Here, uncheck the box next to “Stories from friends.” When you do this, you won’t receive notifications about the stories that your friends post on Snapchat. It means you might miss some of the stories that you would want to watch.

You can also disable notifications from Snapchat completely or revoke Snapchat’s notification permissions to do that.

However, this way you may also miss out on important messages coming on Snapchat. You may also get your streaks broken that you have been building up for days. The better way would be to ignore the notification and continue doing whatever you are up to.

That’s all for this post. Now you know what an unviewed story means on Snapchat. There’s nothing confusing about it and it’s merely a random notification to open a friend’s story.

If you have any doubts or queries about it, feel free to ask using the comment box. We’ll be glad to help you more.

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  1. I have unchecked that little switch in the settings so many times. And IT TURN IT BACK ON IMMEDIATELY. 😤 What’s the next step where I make sure it stays off? How do I do that?


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