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What is “Priority” Label on Instagram DMs? Latest Feature Explained

Instagram has introduced a “Priority” label in the DM (Direct Message) section and the new feature lets you talk to your favorites conveniently. If you’ve noticed it just recently, this quick guide will help you understand everything you need to learn about it.

Recently, Instagram has rolled out a flurry of features for all sorts of users including casual ones, creators, and even businesses. Some of the most prominent ones include the extended Reels duration, the ability to pin posts to profile, and interactive stickers in Reels.

The “Priority” label was also introduced alongside them. However, people have started noticing it just recently after Instagram solved the issues with Translation, Camera, and Stories that have been troubling users.

What is the “Priority” Label feature in Instagram DM?

The “Priority” label is a new feature on Instagram that has arrived in the latest update. This feature allows Instagram to add a tag under the name of the users you communicate the most with. This will help you prioritize replying to your friends and followers.

With this feature, Instagram automatically identifies which of your friends/ followers are a priority based on how often you talk with them. Neither you nor the other person doesn’t have to do anything. The tag starts appearing automatically.

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The Priority feature has been around since June when Instagram rolled out the other notable features. It’s available on both the Android and iOS versions of the app.

How to Get the “Priority” Label or Tag for an Instagram User?

To find the new Priority feature, you must update the Instagram app to the latest version. Head over to the Play Store or App Store based on your device and update the Instagram app.

Once the app is updated, launch Instagram and head over to the DM section from the top right corner. You will then see the user(s) you talk with the most will have a “Priority” label or tag under their name. You don’t have to do anything special to get the tag.

If you can’t find the tag, it means you and the other person haven’t communicated enough to get the tag yet. Try using Instagram more for the conversations and the label will start appearing automatically.

However, sometimes Instagram’s algorithm fails to recognize the priority and the tag doesn’t appear. In that case, you need to wait for some time and continue your conversations on the app. Eventually, the label will be there.

How to Turn off the Priority Feature on Instagram?

Instagram users have already started searching about how to turn off the Priority feature as it continues to give the label to random users and keep their chats on the top. However, this new feature isn’t an optional one and it works automatically after the latest update.

Therefore, there isn’t a method available in the Settings of the Instagram app to turn the “Priority” label feature off. It’ll continue to appear under the names of Instagram users whom the app thinks are a priority.

Although you can make the tag go away by not communicating with the person at all for a few days and talking with someone else instead. The tag will then move from the first person to another. However, it won’t go away completely.

Instagram’s Priority Label Feature Receives Mixed Response

Instagram’s latest introduction, the “Priority” label received mixed responses from users worldwide. Some users have liked it while other users are questioning its legitimacy as it fails to recognize the priorities rightly.

Instagram users are currently talking about the feature on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms where the mixed reactions are clearly visible.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Idk what algorithm Instagram uses to mark people as a priority but I’m sure it’s not working right.”

Seemingly, the users who use Instagram as the main mode of communication with their friends are liking the feature. Their favorite people are now showing the “Priority” label under their names.

Whereas, the creators are annoyed by it. “What is wrong with Instagram? Reply 2 3 times to anyone and here you go with a priority tag on their name,” wrote a user.

As time passes, more and more people will get used to the new feature. Instagram will also rectify the issues with its algorithm that’ll prevent random people from getting the “Priority” tag in your DMs.

Is the Priority Label in Instagram DMs useful?

The “Priority” label in Instagram’s DM section is a bit useful but it isn’t essential in any manner. It’ll be more useful once Instagram figures out how to assess the communications rightly and provide the tag to the right people.

When it happens, it’ll help users to access the chats more conveniently. However, when the feature wrongly prioritizes chats, users are bound to get annoyed as random people will be appearing on the top and it’ll be of no use.

Instagram has recently been working to provide a more immersive experience on the app allowing users to find multiple ways to stay hooked. Reels, Stories, and DMs are the key elements in their attempts.

What do you think about the new feature? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

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