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Twitch Recap 2022 Released: How To Check Yours?

Twitch has joined the list of services that have rolled out its end-of-year experience with the launch of its Recap for 2022. Find out how to check your Twitch Recap 2022 to view your personalized stats, and numbers, and how the purple platform performed this year.

Your Twitch Recap will reveal some key metrics that summarize what were you doing on the platform including who was your favorite streamer, where did you comment the most, and which emoji was your favorite to use.

End-of-year experiences have been very popular lately led by Spotify’s Wrapped. Reddit also rolled out a similar experience called Reddit Recap 2022 where the platform also shared personalized virtual cards. Twitch is offering something similar this year.

What is Twitch Recap 2022?

Twitch Recap is an end-of-year experience by the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform. The annual recap feature allows viewers to see their individual stats and channel numbers from 2022. It includes a variety of metrics such as hours watched, categories watched, channel points earned, and chat messages sent.

This year, Twitch has also released community-wide numbers to offer an insight how the streamers’ favorite platform spent the year and how interactive the users were. The highly interactive experience unveils a number of surprising Twitch facts and stats.

How to See Your Twitch Recap 2022?

Previously, Twitch sent the annual recap to users via email. However, the method is changing this year as users have to check the Twitch Recap 2022 with an exclusive link. Follow these steps to know more:

  • Click on this link (opens in a new tab) to check your Twitch Recap 2022.
  • Now sign in to your Twitch account if you are not logged in already.
  • Next, make sure you are on the “Viewer” tab and click on “Show Me.”

  • Finally, go through your annual Twitch recap and have fun.

After viewing your stats and insights, you can share your Twitch Recap for the year with your friends and followers on social media. The purple platform allows users to download the recap in the form of a shareable graphic.

Once you have downloaded it, you can post it online or send it to someone privately. The Twitch Recap 2022 will be live from December 13, 2022, for a limited time, likely till mid-January 2023. Make sure you check it as soon as possible.

Can you see Twitch Recap on any device?

Yes. You can see your Twitch Recap 2022 on any device where you can sign in to your account. It could be a PC, smartphone, or even your gaming console. There are no limitations. Just click on the link shared above or access it from your Twitch dashboard.

Twitch Recap 2022 Takes Over the Internet

Ever since the Twitch Recap 2022 went live, the Internet is going gaga over the cool insights, stats, and facts. Twitch itself has shared a short clip on Twitter revealing a number of things that went down in the streaming world this year.

2022 was ruled by games like Elder Ring and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 while IRL streamers were doing crazy things publically. We can’t also forget Kai Cenat going over the 100,000 subscriber mark and the inaugural Drag Showcases.

The next year will likely be even greater with Twitch scaling new heights every day and the gaming industry growing at a rapid pace. However, 2022 is going to be memorable for a lot of us on Twitch.

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