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Reddit Recap 2022: How to See Your End-of-Year Highlights?

Reddit is joining the likes of Spotify and YouTube by providing fans with an amazing end-of-year experience. Find out how to see your Reddit Recap 2022 to view what were you doing on the platform and how things unfolded in various subreddits.

Reddit’s end-of-year Recap also unveiled a number of key stats like 14% growth in the number of posts made to take the total to 430 million posts which received 2.5+ billion comments and 24+ billion upvotes. There are 100,000 active communities on Reddit now.

What is Reddit Recap 2022?

Reddit Recap 2022 is the end-of-year experience featuring interesting stats, insights, and personalized shareable cards explaining what you have been doing on the platform the whole year. It reflects how a user spent their time on Reddit in 2022.

Your Reddit Recap will showcase a variety of states including a summary of your activities on the platform, the content you liked and engaged the most with, and the communities where you were the most active this year.

Reddit is also offering a personalized shareable card that lets you share your experience on the platform with others. It’s very similar to Spotify’s Wrapped 2022, Apple Music Replay 2022, and YouTube Music Recap 2022.

How to See Your Reddit Recap 2022?

You can easily view your Reddit Recap 2022 in the Android or iOS app. Make sure you are using the latest app version. If not, head over to the Play Store/ App Store and update Reddit.

Once ready, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Reddit app and make sure you are signed in to your account.
  • Now tap on the “Narwhal” icon present in the top right corner of the Home/ Discover tab.

  • Next, swipe down to see your stats until you find the reach page that states “What’s your secret Reddit ability?
  • Next, choose the card with the question mark on it and it will flip over to reveal a personalized virtual trading card featuring your avatar and other stats from your account.

  • You can opt to hide your username or avatar by toggling the switches available on the screen.
  • Now keep scrolling until the end of the slides. When you are at the bottom, tap on the “Share your recap” button to share the Reddit Recap 2022.

Finally, you can post your Reddit Recap anywhere you’d like. You can also send it to your friends and loved ones in personal chat or post it as your Instagram/ Snapchat story. The decision is yours.

Can you see Reddit Recap 2022 on PC?

Yes. You can check your Reddit Recap 2022 on your PC just like you do it on mobile. All you have to do is visit Reddit.com in a web browser, sign in to your account, and click the “Narwhal” icon present on the top navigation bar.

When you do this, your Reddit Recap will start playing and you can continue to view it. Once you reach the end, you can unveil your secret ability and get your personalized shareable card. After that, it’s your decision what you have to do with it.

Reddit has also presented a wide range of key stats about users, subreddits, posts, and a lot more things. You can take a look at them in this video here:

That’s all for this post. Did you enjoy your Reddit Recap this year? Feel free to share your cards in the comments.

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