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Spotify Instafest: How to Create & Share your Festival Lineup

Spotify Instafest is the latest trend involving the most popular music streaming service. If you’ve seen some dream and wild festival lineup posters on social media recently, know that they are a result of this viral fad. Learn how to create & share your festival lineup with Spotify Instafest here.

Instafest is another third-party tool that lets user process their music listening data from Spotify to create a visual representation. Previously, similar tools like Spotify Pie Chart, Iceberg, Color Palette, and others have also gone viral.

It’s also similar to Spotify Wrapped, which is available by the end of every year and informs you about what you’ve been playing through the whole year.

What is Spotify Instafest?

Instafest is a third-party app that pulls and processes your Spotify data to automatically create a fantasy festival lineup. The poster of your festival features the artists you’ve been listening to for a specific duration like the previous month or the entire time.

Social media is full of Spotify Instafest posts right now as users are creating their fantasy festival posters and sharing them. Other users are recommending which artist would need to be added to make it a perfect lineup of performers.

Instafest was created by Anshay Saboo, who is a student at the University of Southern California. He has built a number of apps previously including one that helps students keep track of their grades.

Spotify users are liking what his latest tool is capable of doing as it’s the season of music festivals with a number of artists announcing their tours in the UK and North America. If you too want to create your dream festival lineup, we have explained the procedure below.

How to Create Your Own Dream Festival Lineup with Spotify Instafest?

If you want to join the trend, you can use the Instafest app and create your dream festival lineup using your Spotify account. Follow these steps to learn what you have to do:

  • Go to the Instafest website from here in a web browser.
  • Now click on the “Sign in with Spotify” button.

  • Next, log in using your Spotify account credentials.
  • Next, select the duration you want to use your data. The available options include “Last 6 months,” “Last Month,” “All Time,” and others.
  • After that, you have to select your style among “Malibu sunrise,” “LA Twilight,” and “Mojave Dusk,” for the poster.
  • The title of your festival will automatically be taken from your Spotify username. You can select the “Hide username” option if you don’t wish to show it.
  • Finally, view your Spotify Instafest lineup and save it.

That’s it. You will now see a complete festival poster with a lineup of performers based on the artists you’ve been listening to on Spotify.

How to Share your Spotify Instafest on Social Media?

Once you have created your Spotify Instafest, it’s time to share it with users on social media platforms. The tool offers a button that lets you directly share your poster on Twitter and other platforms.

Alternatively, you can also take a screenshot of your fantasy festival lineup or save the picture and post it on your profile separately. Don’t forget to use a wise caption to hype up your festival.

You can even include it in a TikTok video or Instagram Reel as many users are doing. It’s going to be fun. However, if you’re an Apple Music user, you can’t join this trend. Instead, you can view your Apple Music Replay.

Who’s leading your dream Spotify Instafest lineup?

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