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Sound Won’t Turn Off on Instagram Stories: How to Fix?

Instagram users are left frustrated with another issue as Sound won’t turn off on Instagram Stories when it normally should. Here’s how to fix the annoying problem on Android devices and iPhones.

If you’ve been searching for how to turn off sound on Instagram stories, the process is really simple. Just click the sound icon in the app itself or turn the sound down on your device. If you’re using an iPhone, you have to flip the switch on the side of the phone.

When it’s flipped, Instagram will notify you that you are in “Silent Mode.” This ensures you can peacefully watch stories on Instagram in public, near your sleeping children, or anywhere else where you don’t want the speakers buzzing.

However, the latest issue has troubled users as they can’t turn off or disable sound including audio and music in Instagram stories despite trying the correct method.

Sound Won’t Turn Off on Instagram Stories: What’s the Issue?

Instagram users have been facing a number of issues recently with the app transitioning toward a new ecosystem focused on video content. The latest issue where users can’t turn off sound in Instagram stories started on early Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

The issue is still here as of Thursday, September 8, 2022. Thousands of users are complaining about the problem on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms as they can’t watch stories without disabling their sound.

The sound is playing even when the Instagram app is in “Silent mode” and when you have put off the sound on your device completely. No one knows how and why is it happening. Some users have experienced a similar issue with Reels.

Why is Instagram not allowing users to turn off sound in Stories?

The exact cause for this problem of sound not turning off on Instagram stories is unknown at the moment. Meta hasn’t revealed their plans to remove the “Mute” or “Silent Mode” feature from Stories, and it’s going to be highly illogical to do so.

This error is most likely due to a glitch in the recent Instagram update. Previously, Instagram Stories got blurry while others kept repeating. Both of them were due to in-app bugs and resolved on their own after some time.

Neither Instagram nor its parent company Meta has acknowledged the issue yet. We are trying to establish a connection with their spokesperson regarding the problem to get more details.

How to Fix “Sound won’t turn off on Instagram stories” Issue?

Since the exact cause of this problem is not known at the time of writing, there’s no sure-shot solution available. However, you can try out certain general fixes like restarting your device, updating the Instagram app, clearing the app cache, and re-installing the app.

Although social media users are reporting that none of these solutions seem to work this time. One thing you can do is use your earphones or TWS earbuds to prevent your speakers from bursting off in public while watching stories.

The best solution will be to wait until Instagram and Meta roll out a fix. Their team is likely working to resolve the issue. Keep checking for a new update and install it as soon as it’s available. Meanwhile, wait until the end of the day and watch stories when you are all by yourself.

Report the Issue to Instagram and Meta

One thing that you should do to make sure that this issue goes away quickly reports the problem to Instagram and Meta. To report the problem in the Instagram app, tap on your profile picture and go to your profile, and then go to Settings.

From there, tap on Help, and then tap on “Report a Problem.” After that, follow the on-screen instructions and send the report in clear and respectable words. You can also attach relevant screenshots.

Another way to get your voice heard is to tweet about the problem. Go to Twitter and release your frustration via your Tweet. Don’t forget to tag @Meta and @Instagram in your tweets.

We’ll keep you updated once the issue is resolved.

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Saquib Hashmi
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  1. It’s not a glitch. Instagram is just copying TikTok in the way of opening the app and instantly hearing sound whether your phone is on silent or not.

  2. This didn’t start in September. I have been seeing this issue since they started rolling out the new interface in preview back in July. I believe this to be intentional.


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