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Instagram Keeps Crashing? Here are a Few Fixes

Many Instagram users are reporting that they can’t access the app as it keeps crashing repeatedly while trying to use it. There seems to be a major issue as users wonder if Instagram is down. Find out what’s the reason for this downtime and how to fix it.

Instagram has now become a part of people’s daily routine and users continue to check it every now and then. They are fond of sharing their life updates on Stories and Posts and enjoy watching Reels and IGTV videos. There’s too much to do on the app.

However, certain issues turn the incredible experience bitter, and the recent app crashing issue is one of them. This problem started appearing yesterday, first in the US, Canada, and the UK. Now it has spread to several regions as Twitter is full of reports about it.

Users Reporting that Instagram App is Crashing Repeatedly

Competitor sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc, are full of reports by users claiming that their Instagram app is crashing continuously. Affected users can’t run and use the app as it closes itself within a few seconds or minutes of launch.

The number of users affected by the Instagram app crashing issue is unknown at the moment. Some users are stating that the problem started yesterday and it’s still there. Instagram hasn’t acknowledged it yet. Official words from Meta are also expected.

Due to this issue, when you try using the Instagram app, it simply closes and returns to the device’s home screen. In another instance, it displays a warning stating that the app has crashed and just closes. There are no further details explained either.

Why is the Instagram app crashing continuously?

At the time of writing, it’s unknown why the Instagram app is crashing and if it’s due to a problem with the app’s servers. There can be a number of causes for the issue. However, it’s believed that the app is crashing due to a glitch in the latest app update.

Instagram has recently introduced a number of new features like Pin Post to Profile, Extended Reels, the ability to like Stories, etc, with major updates. However, the updates have also introduced new bugs. There have been a number of issues due to them.

Recently, the IG Stories had become blurry and the in-app translation stopped working. Now, the app is continuously crashing and users are left frustrated.

How to Fix Instagram App Crashing Issue?

Instagram is yet to acknowledge and roll out a fix for the app crashing issue. For now, you can only try general workarounds and hope they work for your device. The first thing you should do is check if your Internet is working fine as Instagram requires a high-speed network connection.

After that, you can try restarting your device once or twice and re-installing the Instagram app after uninstalling it. You can also go to your phone’s settings and clear the cache for the Instagram app.

One more thing you can do is to quit the beta program if you’ve joined it on the Play Store or App Store. This ensures that you’ll use the latest stable version of Instagram and not the one with experimental features and instability.

You can also try downloading the older versions of Instagram for temporary usage. However, we don’t recommend installing apps from third-party resources as it may harm your device.

Wait for Instagram to resolve the issue

If none of that works, the best you can do is to wait for Meta to solve the problems with Instagram. The issue has been annoying thousands of users and the tech giant will surely resolve the issue very soon.

During your free time, you can go back to TikTok, find something fun on Reddit, or use Twitter to enjoy memes shared by users on the incident. However, don’t forget to report the issue on Twitter and tag @Instagram, @Meta, and Adam Mosseri (@mosseri).

This will make sure that your voice is heard and Instagram will try to fix the problems in a quicker manner. Once Instagram rolls out a patch to fix the issue, head over to the Play Store or App Store and install the latest update.

Meanwhile, Use the Instagram Website

The recent problem is with the Instagram app only. If you’re an avid user who wants to use Instagram, you can try using the website in a web browser. You can access the website on your PC or smartphone and the interface is almost the same as the app.

This is the best temporary solution until Meta resolves the issue with the Instagram app that has led to frequent crashes. You won’t have to suffer from the problem while using the website.

Is Instagram Down Right Now?

Yes, Instagram is partially down right now as users continue to report outages on sites like DownDetector and social media platforms. If you visit DownDetector, you can see an intense peek stating that Instagram users have been struggling with issues from yesterday.

The hashtag #InstagramDown is also trending on Twitter as users continue to report the issue, seek help, and share witty memes on the incident. These two are the most reliable methods to figure out if Instagram is down and the problem isn’t with your device only.

Have you been experiencing similar issues with the Instagram app? Feel free to share any workarounds that you’ve been using recently.

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