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Lil Tjay Gets Arrested During Instagram Live for Reckless Endangerment

Lil Tjay is in a pickle again! Not long ago, the young rapper was arrested by police authorities during an Instagram livestream. As per a report by TMZ, he was caught by the cops in New York City on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, this is the second time, that Tjay has been taken into custody this year. Keep scrolling further to learn the reason behind the arrest of Lil Tjay.

Why did Lil Tjay get arrested?

All the fans of the American rapper Lil Tjay were left confused on June 6, 2023, Tuesday when they saw him get arrested by the cops during an Instagram livestream. In the video, that has popped up on the internet, he can be spotted out and about in New York City telling the police officers to not touch him.

In the clip that has gone viral on social media, Tione Jayden Merritt, popularly known by the people as ‘Lil Tjay’ can be heard saying, “No, bro. Hell no. What’s in the car? I don’t know what’s in the car. Don’t touch me. There’s no firearm in the car.”

Soon after, the Calling My Phone rapper was restrained and arrested by several police officers. Tjay’s lawyer Dawn Florio has told the media outlet TMZ, that he was filming a music video when the cops arrived and arrested him for reckless endangerment.

When the 22-year-old musician was arrested by law enforcement officials in New York City recently, he also happened to be doing a livestream on the social media platform Instagram. Some people in the crowd told him to stop resisting and shortly after, his mobile phone ended up in someone else’s hand.

Lil Tjay was previously arrested in January 2023

Yeah, you read that right. Earlier this year in January, the In My Head rapper was arrested by the New York Police Department for an alleged weapons violation. Then, the cops told TMZ Hip Hop, that he was taken into custody following a traffic stop in the Bronx.

Then, Lil Tjay was on his way to film a music video with the Boy’s a Liar, Pt.2 singer Ice Spice. The police officers found a gun in his car and shortly afterward, he was arrested.

It has been reported by Billboard that in January 2023, the Beat the Odds rapper and four others were arrested after the cops pulled over the musician and allegedly found four loaded guns inside his car without a valid license. Then, they were held on $30,000 cash bail and $90,000 bond by the NYC Department of Corrections.

Lil Tjay was shot 7 times in 2022

Prior to this, Tjay was shot a total of 7 times in a shooting that took place in New Jersey last summer. The shooting incident saw the light of day in June 2022. Then, he shared an update with his fans on Instagram.

The Pop Out singer wrote, “Man, I’m just checking in with y’all. I just want to say thanks for the love, thanks for the support. I was looking at the DMs and I’m seeing the comments and everything else and I felt loved, know what I’m saying?”

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