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YouTube Star Grace Helbig Discloses Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Grace Helbig is speaking up about her breast cancer diagnosis! The YouTuber revealed the news of her cancer diagnosis in an eight-minute-long video shared on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

The social media star also shared the same video on her Instagram page as well. Keep scrolling further to catch more insights about the cancer diagnosis of the content creator Grace Helbig.

Grace Helbig reveals breast cancer diagnosis

On Monday, Grace posted a video on her official YouTube channel to share the news of her breast cancer diagnosis with her fans all over the world. In the video, she revealed that she learned about her diagnosis a month ago.

In the video shared, the 37-year-old can be heard saying, “I’ve had a decent amount of time to process and start the process, and so I’m finally ready to share with you.” She also mentioned that she was very nervous about talking about everything.

Helbig told her 2.6 million subscribers that she was diagnosed with “triple positive breast cancer” which she said medical professionals have described as “super treatable” and “highly beatable.” She also spilled the beans on the treatment plan and stated that it will consist of a total of 6 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and hormonal therapy.

She added, “We’re going for cure, not remission here, which is exciting, encouraging, helpful, good.” She recalled having an annual appointment with a gynecologist a few months ago and noticing a bump on her left chest.

Grace confessed that she felt hesitant to talk about it as she felt uneducated about her body but asked everyone to not “be afraid to ask the doctor what you think might be a stupid question.” Soon after, she underwent testing to find out what was going on.

She explained, “I do feel like I have been existing with a big secret, and I just wanted and felt compelled to let you know. This whole thing has been a lot, to say the least. I have been feeling every feeling all day long.” She expressed her gratitude towards her loved ones who have been supporting her amid her health scare.

Grace talked to fellow YouTuber Hank Green who revealed his cancer diagnosis a month ago

Grace said, “I have been texting with him, and his videos have been so incredibly helpful. I am now eagerly awaiting for his cancer stand-up to read through, which he has promised to send me, because I’m gonna need comedy through this process.”

She went on to say, “There’s some humor to be found here. The jokes not lost on me that I’ve spent 15 years not using my boobs to get attention on the internet, and yet here we are, and that I’m announcing this during Cancer season.”

While talking about what’s next, Helbig said, “This is my job now, and I’m going to fight this little bitch of a thing in my left breast as best and as strongly and as gracefully as I can, pun intended.”

Despite it being a few hard weeks after finding out about her cancer diagnosis, Grace assured her fans that she’s doing okay and “ready to take this on. … I just have to take it one step at a time.”

Sending lots of love, strength, positive vibes, and support to the YouTube star Grace Helbig. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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