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Who is Briana DeJesus as She Fights Her Defamation Suit Against Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are total drama queens, and you cannot beat them. The Teen Mom 2 stars have never been dull when it comes to a tussle. First, Kailyn got into a tiff with Jesus over her ex, and now the battle has reached a whole new level.

Kailyn sued Briana for defamation on the premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 11. Why Kailyn? What did Briana do now? Let’s get to know her better.

Who is Briana DeJesus?

Briana DeJesus is a TV personality who rose to fame with the “Teen Mom 2” show. She was born in Orlando, Florida. Before the cast of Teen Mon 2 knocked on her door in 2017, she was just a regular lady.

The former Teen Mom 3 star was previously dating a tattoo artist named Javi Gonzalez but called off her wedding stating that she doesn’t plan to get married for the next five her.

Briana is known for her controversy with Kailyn on Teen Mom 2. She was also accused of flirting with Kailyn’s ex. Nevertheless, Briana is doing pretty well for herself. She is worth $750,000. Apart from her TV career, she works full-time in the corporate field and part-time at a beauty salon.

Briana has a child Nova with her first husband Devoin Austin II and another daughter Stella with Luis Hernandez whom she terms as an absent father. She doesn’t have a great connection with both of them. Austin is known to ask her for bands now and then (slang for $1000), and Luis is an ‘absent father’.

What is the defamation suit?

Kailyn filed a lawsuit against Briana for making false statements to cause her harm. She alleged that Briana used her for her motive to draw media attention. She claimed, “Briana has a history of making false public statements regarding Lowry’s family life,” including when she allegedly responded to a Twitter user “[Lowry] gets beat the f**k up by Chris in front of her kids.”

Briana alleged Lowry of beating up her husband Christopher Lopez stating that she broke into his mother’s house and beat the f*** out of him. Phew, you took it to next level this time Briana! FYI, Lopez is the father of Lowry’s two children.

Briana hits back, she always does!

Yea, you heard it right. Briana DeJesus is fighting back in the court. She has hired a high-profile lawyer Mark J. Randazza for this case. Randazza is the founder of Randazza Legal Group and has appeared as a commentator on CNN and Infowars.

Seems like Briana is holding her bridge. She has finally spoken about Kailyn’s charges. She said, “I think my lawyer did a fine job of explaining my position in the brief we filed. “If anything in that is not clear, you may direct questions to him. Aside from that, I will just say that I think this lawsuit was not a good use of the court system, and I look forward to the judge seeing it for what it is, and end this as quickly as the judge can.

Further, Briana has filed a defense statement against Kailyn’s defamation suit that states:

“My family emigrated to this great country because we were seeking freedom.” She continued: “The greatest freedom we have is the First Amendment.  If someone wants to sue me for exercising my First Amendment rights, they are not only coming after me but after the generations of freedom-seeking people who have made this the greatest country in the world. None of us will accept this without a fight.” 

Kailyn’s ex supports Briana

Kailyn’s ex Chris Lopez supports Briana and has made a public statement revealing that when he first met Briana Soto in 2021, they spent a few days in Miami. He spoke about the incident that happened between the exes in 2020. He also stated that it resulted in Lowry’s arrest. Woah, he opened up.

Not just this, Lopez has filed a two-page affidavit stating:

“I told Briana that Kailyn punched me multiple times during this incident. I told Briana that Kailyn punched me because Kailyn was mad that I cut our son Lux’s hair,” he continued, according to the court documents.

“I told Briana that Kailyn learned of Lux’s haircut when she visited my mother’s home on September 4, 2020, to pick up Lux,” Lopez added, per the affidavit. “I told Briana that my mother and my sister were both presents during this incident and witnessed Kailyn’s conduct.”

Bottom Line

The two-page affidavit filed by Lopez serves as strong evidence against Kailyn but we never know what Kailyn might come up with. Nevertheless, Briana has a strong legal team and is ready to fight back this defamation suit.

We don’t know what might happen in the court but Teen Mom 2 Season 11 appears to be extremely juicy. What do you think about the recent drama?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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