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“The View” Slammed For Oscars Slap Halloween Costume, Responds To Criticism

For Hollywood, this Halloween is much more than gory costumes. “The View”, for instance, is receiving massive backlash for what was displayed on the Monday (Oct. 31) episode. During the show’s Halloween-themed episode, a child appeared dressed as an Academy award statuette with a blood-red handprint, referencing Will Smith’s Oscar slap incident. People are now accusing the show of “endorsing violence”.

The Oscar Slap Truly Went Down In History…

While a lot may have happened with Will Smith following the Oscar scandal, the incident is still fresh in the minds of many. On Monday’s (Oct. 31) Halloween-theme episode, “The View” recreated the scene in the most creative manner. During a segment where the show’s wardrobe supervisor, Ashley Alderfer Kaufman, introduced Halloween costumes based on “hot topics”, one child appeared dressed as an Academy award statuette with a blood-red handprint.

However, other “hot topics” included a group of kids dressed as the Mar-a-Lago raid on Donald Trump, and two youngsters donning Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s looks from the upcoming “Barbie” movie. However, many were left unimpressed by the Oscar scandal costume and accused the show of “endorsing violence”.

‘The View’ Responds To The Criticism…

The Oscar slap costume did bother a lot of viewers who took to social media to criticize The View’s move, accusing the show of “endorsing violence”. ‘The Oscar slap was too much,’ one penned, as many more branded it ‘bad taste’. ‘This wasn’t that funny, and the last kid looked so uncomfortable. Might want to rethink the bit for next Halloween,’ another wrote.

A YouTube user wrote: ‘The Oscar Slap costume felt a little cringe-worthy. It was in poor taste and the boy looked like he was in literal pain.’ Super funny making a kid dress up in a costume that represents physical assault, just screams fun,’ a fan wrote. An unimpressed viewer added: ‘I’m so disappointed in The View for this.’

On this, the segment’s host, Ashley Alderfer Kaufman, who is the wardrobe supervisor of this show, stated: “We do not want to endorse violence of any kind but we couldn’t help but talk about one of the hottest topics of this year. So, we have our interpretation, we have an Oscars statue, we call this ‘The Oscars Slap,’ and he has a red face paint on the statue.”

Well, if people have a problem with slight humor, “The View” isn’t the only one to criticize. Over this weekend, “SNL” episode’s host, Jack Harlow included a sketch about costumes, starring Devon Walker as Chris Rock, with a hand glued to his face.

In March, Will Smith approached the stage and slapped Rock for his derogatory remarks about Jada Pinkett Smith during the 2022 Oscars. After that, he went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in King Richard. As a result, Will has been from the Academy for 10 years but didn’t take away his Oscar.

Since then, Will has kept away from the public eye and focussed on his mental health. He became a hot topic for many memes and comedy shows in the following months. Well, the drama still continues.

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