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Giggity 420 Became A Trend After People Searched it on Google

Where does the majority of the trend originally come from? TikTok, of course. TikTok is now recognized for Trends, and there are several unique and creative things that people come across every day. And, yes, we will discuss another interesting trend today.

Actually, it’s more of a charade to get people to fall for it. The trend is known as ‘Giggity 420’ or even ‘Giggity 4204.’ If you’ve come here to find out what’s going on, we’ve got you covered.

Surprisingly, this TikTok video has received over a million views, and the comment section is flooded with conversation. Let’s take a look at this trend.

What’s The ‘Giggity 420’ Trend?

The first question is, what exactly is the ‘Giggity 420’ trend? Actually, there is a TikTok user named ‘Giggity 4204’ who began tricking people by Googling for ‘Giggity 420.’ She directs her followers or viewers to Google search history.

Why are people looking for it in the first place? Because people expect to find something explicit if they search Giggity 420. Because of the circumstances of the video, everyone assumed this.

This social media girl’s name is actually unknown. What did she do in her video? She actually screens recorded herself putting ‘Giggity 420’ into the search box of Google, and pushing people watching to do the same.

People searched it in curiosity. But what did individuals actually find out? Literally, nothing. Bunch of articles. That’s why we’re explaining what’s going on.

What’s The Purpose Of Searching ‘Giggity 420’?

You might be thinking that searching the phrase yielded no results. So, what’s the point of doing this? So, come on. It is, in fact, a marketing ploy.

It’s more like becoming renowned. She is actually driving traffic to her social media, and as time passes, more people look for it out of curiosity. And it appears that this strategy is working.

Many people found her social media after looking for this, and she now has a large number of followers. But here’s an interesting fact, many other users in TikTok have begun to follow this trend.

And that’s obviously in order to increase traffic to their social media pages. Because she garnered over 2 million views, and now everyone else is following suit.

She claims to be 19 years old. Aside from TikTok, she has also shared inappropriate videos on Instagram and Twitter, which have sparked controversy.

You now understand what this trend is all about: duping people into becoming followers and viewers. And you won’t get tricked now. You can so check her comment section on TikTok.

People are literally telling others to not search because it’s a trick. Well, stay tuned with us for more updates.



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