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Canada’s Gaming Style: What are the Unique Aspects of Online Entertainment?

Many of us are looking to find exciting ways to fill our free time. Some of us turn to video games to transport ourselves to sci-fi worlds and zombie-filled arenas, while others prefer to take a seat at a virtual poker table 

In this guide, we explore the most popular forms of online entertainment in Canada right now. We look at the role of video games and children’s games, as well as the growing popularity of casino games. 

First, let’s take a look at what online entertainment is.

What is online entertainment, exactly?

Online entertainment in the context of gaming is simply the act of logging into a service run over the internet to participate in a particular game. This could be an online multiplayer game or it could be a single-player game. 

The games that we can play online nowadays have fundamentally changed over recent years as technology has advanced. In the early days, consoles had to be connected directly to your router or modem. With the likes of Wi-Fi, 5G data, and more powerful mobile phones, players can dive into their favorite games wherever they may be.

1. Online casino games

Casino games are a popular category of online games in Canada. It’s legal in Canada to play these games online, either via your mobile device or on your computer. 

There are lots of games that you can choose to play at online casinos. Roulette is arguably one of the most popular. This involves choosing a number or a type of number (such as odd or even, or its color red or black). You then place bets on the potential outcome before the dealer spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball into it. 

Another popular casino game is poker. Some versions of this online game allow you to play for free, whereas in others, you can play for money. The stakes can range from a few cents up to $10-$20 stakes, and even higher. 

Blackjack, also known as pontoon, is another popular casino game that people play online. It’s also a very simple game to play. The dealer gives you two cards and your task is to get a combined score as close to 21 as possible. 

If you’re looking to play these games, you’ll be pleased to hear there are some online casinos that accept Interac and other types of payment methods. Nowadays, some betting sites also allow you to bet using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

2. Online video games

There is an abundance of online video games that Canadians can play. Most of these games, and the most popular ones by far, can be found on game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 5. 

Arguably the most popular game right now, and a game that has been popular for a long time, is Fortnite. This multiplayer shooter is easy to play and is great fun. Its unique game mode – free-for-all – has captured the minds of gamers of all ages.

Players are dropped into an open world and must forage to find weapons and armor. While they do this, they must hunt down and eliminate opposing players. The last player standing is the winner. 

Call of Duty is another hugely popular game among Canadians. This is a grittier shooter compared to Fortnite but it’s also free to play. With sharp graphics and intense fight scenes, players can lose themselves in the game, helping them unwind and enjoy a bit of downtime online with their friends. 

Dota 2 is also a hugely popular online game in Canada. This game requires a fair amount of strategic thinking. However, this means players have to choose the right characters suitable for the task at hand and work out whether it’s best to attack or defend.

3. Online games for children

As well as lots of online games for adults, there are several popular forms of online entertainment for children in Canada.

Some of these games have strong educational value, teaching youngsters important facts about the world we live in. Other games, like Minecraft, offer an escape and include tasks to keep young minds occupied.

For example, Minecraft helps to promote creativity as well as focus, with players tasked to mine and harvest materials, and then use those resources to construct buildings and design entire worlds and landscapes. It’s arguably one of the best online games for children in Canada right now. 

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