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Sedordle Lets You Play Wordle 16 Times At Once

Wordle’s popularity isn’t stopping and fans are addicted to it now. Many of them just don’t feel satisfied playing only a single game a day. For such players, Sedordle is the perfect Wordle alternative that allows guessing 16 words in a single round of the game.

The sky-high rise of Wordle has given birth to many spin-offs, and one category of them just multiplies the number of words you need to guess. Sedordle is one of them where you have to guess 16 words. There’s also Dordle where you guess two words at a time and  Quordle where you guess four.

Furthermore, there’s Octordle where you have to guess eight words at once, and the ultimate challenge is Kilordle where you have to guess a hundred words in a single round of the game. However, Kilordle can end up being pretty frustrating, and Octordle can still leave you wanting more.

Sedordle maintains the right balance where you have enough words to challenge your brain without feeling tired. The core concept and rules remain the same, the only difference comes in the number of words. Also, the game is very challenging.

What is Sedordle?

Sedordle is a Wordle spin-off where you have to guess 16 mystery words in a single round of the game. The rules will remain the same as Wordle. You will have 21 attempts to solve the 16 mystery words every day. This may seem too little initially but will be enough once you solve three to four puzzles.

You will have to guess the mystery words one by one by working upon the hints. If you play Wordle every day, you won’t have to figure it out separately. It also contains only five-letter words in the puzzles. It’s just like playing Wordle sixteen times a day.

This game is built using the same code as Wordle, however, it doesn’t have a direct share button to show off your score on social media platforms. You can still share your statistics in the number form. Also, there is no streak feature available like other Wordle alternatives.

Every day, you can play it only once (one round includes guessing sixteen mystery words), just like Wordle. Sedordle resets every midnight UTC.

How to Play Sedordle?

Playing Sedordle is very simple, and you can play it on your PC, smartphone, or any device that is compatible with a web browser. To play it, open a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc, and head over to this website.

Now you will see sixteen different grids each containing 105 columns (5 horizontal and 21 vertical). You have to start the game by entering a random five-letter word in the first column, and then the tiles will change color, and you can start guessing the next words, just like Wordle.

The colors of the tiles also resemble Wordle. The right letter in the right spot will turn the tile green, the right letter in the wrong spot will turn it yellow, and the wrong letter will turn it grey.

Keep looking at the tiles and exploring your vocabulary, and you’ll be able to guess the sixteen mystery words. On my first attempt at the game, I was able to guess half of them, and will definitely crack it completely in the next few days.

What are Some Other Games like Sedordle?

Sedordle isn’t the only game where you get to guess multiple words in a single day. There are several other similar Wordle spin-offs. The popular ones include Dordle where you have to guess 2 words, Quordle where you have to guess 4, and Octordle where you have to guess 8.

There is also Kilordle where you have to guess 100 words to win a single round of the game. However, it is pretty time-consuming and may get boring after a while. One more option is to play Wordle Unlimited which allows you to play infinite times a day.

Sedordle and these games aren’t too difficult if you are a regular player. In fact, they may start seeming even easier when you get hold of the first few words correctly. You’ll have enough hints to guess the rest of them.

Are you looking forward to trying them out? Let us know how many days you took to completely ace Sedordle.

Saquib Hashmi
Saquib Hashmi
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  1. Thanks for this post.

    One quick note: Wordle Unlimited has now combined into a new game called WordPlay (WordPlay.com). Existing users to Wordle Unlimited get redirected to the new site.

    WordPlay has some new features that I think users will enjoy:
    1) Ability to use spacebar key to leave a placeholder
    2) Definitions of words and their pronunciations
    3) Ability to challenge friends and family.

    Let me know if you have any questions and happy to answer them.



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