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Hades 2 Announced: Trailer Reveals New Protagonist

Hades 2 received a first-look trailer at The Game Awards, with a spectacular glimpse at the upcoming game. The trailer reveals a new protagonist, described to be a god-like and rogue-like witch. There is no release date announced by Supergiant yet. Early access details for the game is expected to be announced sometime next year.

There is not much information available about the game, apart from what’s shown in the trailer. SuperGiant Games did, however, update its website with some details. Hades 2, will be the studio’s fifth game but the first-ever sequel. The prequel, Hades, launched two years back in the month of September 2020. The game was well received with overwhelmingly positive feedback from most reviewers.

Hades 2: Trailer

SuperGiant Games officially revealed the trailer to the sequel much to the surprise of the audience at The Game Awards. The game’s description reads:

Meet the Princess of the Underworld in HADES II, the bewitching sequel to our award-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler. Details about Early Access coming in 2023.

The trailer shows the new protagonist, Melinoë, voiced by Judy Alice Lee, fighting the witch Hecate, voiced by Amelia Tyler. After losing the battle against Hecate, Melinoë gets her first set of knives from Hecate.

Melinoë then starts her journey by saying “Death to the Chronos” and the trailer then shows the actual gameplay where she goes on to fight her enemies with appearances from Moros, Apollo, Nemesis, an unnamed ghost, and Dora. The trailer ends with a shot of Lord Hades himself, voiced by Logan Cunningham.

Hades 2: Early Access and Availability

Hades 2

SuperGiant Games announced that early access and availability and platform details will all be revealed closer to the launch date. They did mention that the game is still under production with “a lot left to build!”.

2020’s Hades was made available for early access closer to the launch date. Hades 2 is said to take a similar approach with availability closer to the initial launch sometime in 2023. Hades 2 is now listed on Steam or the Epic Games Store and players can add the game to their Wishlist. Wishlisting lets players know about Early Access soon as it’s made available.

Sequel To Follow Hades Success

Hades 2

Hades won several awards and honors as well, including 2020’s Best Indie and Best Action game awards at The Game Awards. Also at the 10th Annual New York Game Awards, Hades had won the Game of the Year, Best Writing, Best Music, and Best Acting categories. The game also won The Game Of The Year award for 2020, by Polygon, Giant Bomb, IGN, USGamer, Destructoid, Time, The Washington Post, Slant Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

It also won the Game of the Year at the 2021 British Academy Games Awards, the 24th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards, Gayming Awards, 21st Game Developers Choice Awards and the inaugural Global Industry Game Awards. Hades was also the first game to be awarded a Hugo Award introduced for the 2021 Hugo Awards, as well as a Nebula Award for its writing.

Looking at the Trailer, the sequel also looks set to win a lot of accolades. It might still be too soon to decide, and the game cannot come sooner.

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