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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date and FUT Cards Confirmed

EA has confirmed key details about the upcoming World Cup mode in FIFA 23 including its release date and FUT cards. Check out when the ultimate update to hype the World Cup arrives on FIFA 23 on PC and consoles.

Interestingly, the upcoming game mode was made available on PlayStation 5 but in an unfinished version. However, it was removed shortly after. Now, the World Cup mode is coming to all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Date & Platforms

EA has revealed that the World Cup mode update will arrive in FIFA 23 on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. The new mode hyping up the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Unfortunately, the World Cup Mode will not be available on Nintendo Switch. This is because of EA’s decision to continue releasing Legacy Edition versions for the hybrid. There haven’t been any improvements or playable novelties in it lately.

One good news is that the World Cup mode will be available as a free update and won’t be a separate release. It’ll be available across the globe at the same time. We’ll confirm the exact timings later.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Ultimate Team Cards

The World Cup mode update will also introduce the new Ultimate Team Cards. EA’s patch notes have confirmed that these cards will be available from November 11, 2022, and players can select from each of the 32 national teams.

There will be a free starter pack to reward you when you log in after updating the game. Apart from that, you can unlock other packs via the store as well as in-game rewards. The packs will be available for the entire Season 2 which will conclude on December 23, 2022.

Here is a list of confirmed Heroes cards for FIFA 23 World Cup mode:

  • Yaya Tour√©¬†(Ivory Coast/Premier League, 87)
  • Park Ji-sung¬†(South Korea/Premier League, 86)
  • Ricardo Carvalho¬†(Portugal/ Premier League, 88)
  • Claudio Marchisio¬†(Italy/Serie A, 87)
  • Landon Donovan¬†(USA/MLS, 86)
  • Diego Forl√°n¬†(Uraguay/LaLiga, 88)
  • Lucio¬†(Brazil/Bundesliga, 89)
  • Rafael M√°rquez¬†(Mexico/LaLiga, 88)
  • Javier Mascherano¬†(Argentina/Premier League, 88)
  • Peter Crouch¬†(Premier League, 85)
  • Tomas Brolin¬†(Sweden/Serie A, 87)
  • Harry Kewell¬†(Australia/Premier League, 87)
  • Dirk Kuyt¬†(Netherlands/Premier League, 86)
  • Sidney Govou¬†(France/Ligue 1, 86)
  • Jean-Pierre Papin¬†(France/Ligue 1, 89)
  • Rudi V√∂ller¬†(Germany/Serie A, 89)
  • Joan Capdevila¬†(Spain/LaLiga, 86)
  • WŇāodzimierz Smolarek¬†(Poland/Eredivisie, 86)
  • Saeed Al-Owairan¬†(Saudi Arabia/SPL, 85)
  • Hidetoshi Nakata¬†(Japan/Serie A, 87)
  • Morientes¬†(Spain/LaLiga, 89)
  • Abedi Pele¬†(Ghana, Ligue 1, 89)
  • David Ginola¬†(France/Ligue 1, 89)
  • Jurgen Kohler¬†(Germany/Bundesliga, 89)
  • Jay-Jay Okacha¬†(Nigeria/Premier League, 88)
  • Antonio Di Matale¬†(Italy/Serie A, 88)
  • Mario Gomez¬†(Germany/Bundesliga, 88)
  • Diego Milito¬†(Argentina/Serie A, 88)
  • Joe Cole¬†(England/Premier League, 87)
  • Ivan Cordoba¬†(Columbia/Serie A, 87)
  • Jorge Campos¬†(Mexico/MLS, 87)
  • Robbie Keane¬†(Ireland, Premier League, 86)
  • Ole Gunnar Solkjaer¬†(Norway/Premier League, 86)
  • Freddie Ljungberg¬†(Sweden/Premier League, 86)
  • Aleksandr Mostovoi¬†(Russia/LaLga, 86)
  • Jerzy Dudek¬†(Poland/Premier League, 86)
  • Sami Al-Jaber¬†(Saudi Arabia/MBS Pro League, 86)
  • Lars Ricken¬†(Germany/Bundesliga, 85)
  • Tim Cahill¬†(Australia/Premier League, 85)
  • Clint Dempsey¬†(USA/MLS, 85)

What else to expect from FIFA 23 World Cup Mode?

As outlined by EA, the World Cup mode will be a free update in FIFA 23 which will allow you to play as 32 qualified national teams as well as nations who failed to qualify, like Italy. There will be custom tournaments alongside the kick-off where you can play against the CPU or a friend at any stage of the tournament.

You can also play online tournaments as a team of your choice. It will only be against four other players in the knockout stages. The crossplay in World Cup mode will remain restricted to the same generation as the entirety of the game.

Are you looking forward to the in-game World Cup action?

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