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Fall Guys Free Download: When will it be Available?

Fall Guys, the massively popular platform battle royal, is finally coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch along with a new PS5 version. The game is also going to be free for all going forward. Find out how to download Fall Guys for free as Epic Games becomes the new publisher.

Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys launched the multiplayer title on Steam as a paid package. It was only available for PC initially, and later became a console exclusive for PlayStation 4 players.

Now, the game is going to be available on all major platforms for free and will have complete cross-play support. This means players across all platforms, including PC and console, will play in the same online lobby.

Fall Guys: Free For All Download Start Date and Time

Mediatonic and Epic Games have confirmed last month that Fall Guys is going to be free for all following a massive expansion this month. Players across all platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch will be able to download Fall Guys for free starting Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

The game will be available in the PlayStation Games Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo Online Store, and Epic Game Store at 12:00 AM midnight local time. If you’ve recently been looking for tricks or ways to get the game for free, there’s no need for that now.

You only have to wait for a few days as Fall Guys gets a major update and it’ll be a free-to-play title across all platforms. This step will significantly impact the player base as more and more players will make their way to the game.

Fall Guys Coming to Xbox and Switch; Gets a New PS5 Version

Nearly after two years of its original launch, Fall Guys is coming to the Xbox series of consoles and Nintendo Switch. It’ll be available on the same date when the game becomes available to download for free viz. June 21, 2022.

Not only this but Fall Guys is also getting a new PS5 version on the same day which boasts major performance upgrades and faster loading times. It’ll get 60FPS at 4k on the PlayStation 5. The developer has also added Direct Access for the game on PS5.

Fall Guys Players Who Bought Before June 21 will Get Rewards

The players who have bought Fall Guys before June 21, 2022, will be getting some iconic rewards. A new package called “Legacy Pack” will be going live that will include a nickname, nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, and the Feisty Dwarf costume.

Veteran Fall Guys players will also unlock free access to the Season Pass for Season 1 with the recent expansion. To be eligible for the rewards, make sure you have launched Fall Guys at least once before June 21.

Mediatonic is currently running a pre-registration campaign to unlock more rewards for players. You can follow Fall Guys on Twitter to find out more about the rewards.

Fall Guys will only be available via Epic Games Store on PC

From June 21, 2022, Fall Guys will not be available for sale on Steam. Players who wish to enjoy the game on PC will have to visit the Epic Games Store to download Fall Guys for free and play it via the Epic Games Launcher.

Fall Guys Gets Complete Cross-Play Support with New Update

One of the highlights of the announcement is that Fall Guys will have complete cross-play support and cross-progression across all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

This means that players on all platforms will be available for matchmaking and everyone will be playing against each other. You can bring all your friends to the game regardless of their platform and have fun together.

PlayStation players will not need the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) membership to play online with players on the same or different platforms going forward.

What to Expect from Fall Guys: Free For All Season 1?

Fall Guys is set to kick off Season 1 with the major “Free for all” update to welcome all the new players coming into the Blunderdome. The new season will begin the grand celebration with new levels, costumes, and ever-evolving gameplay.

There’s a new in-game addition called Blass Balls which is a funny yet perfect mode for creating clips worth highlighting. It’ll make the players showcase clever yet strategic play while staying within the original core of the game.

There’s also another new round called Hex-a-Ring. It’s simply a version of Hex-a-Gone that is played on a rotating tube. The players have to keep moving through layers of tiles while not falling off the rotating floor and not falling down into the slime.

Players will also be getting a Season Pass starting with the incredible first season. Players can purchase it using Show-Bucks, the new in-game currency. The Season Pass will allow players to earn new costumes and unlock other stuff.

There will be 100 levels in the Fall Guys Season 1 Season Pass. Players can unlock a number of rewards by completing the levels and they’ll unlock the Season Pass for next season on maxing the current one.

Are you excited about the new era in Fall Guys? Sound off in the comments section and meet us in the Blunderdome.

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