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Spotify Upside Down Playlist: Find Which Song Will Save You From Vecna

Spotify has partnered up with Netflix to offer fans an Upside Down Playlist featuring songs that will save them from Stranger Things 4’s dreadful villain Vecna. The Upside Down Playlist on Spotify will let you pull a Max Mayfield if you’re ever stuck in a similar situation.

If you’ve watched Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1, you’d be aware of how Max garnered the power of Kate Bush’s 80s hit Running Up That Hill to escape Hawkin’s deadly foe. The chapter also took the action, thrill, and adventure to the undiscovered levels.

Now, the next and the final chapter is here and Spotify is ready to provide you with your savior song. If you’ve wondered what will be your savior song while watching Stranger Things Season 4, then just learn how to access the Upside Down Playlist on Spotify.

What is the Upside Down Playlist on Spotify?

The Upside Down Playlist is the latest addition on Spotify that lets you find out what will be your “savior song” when you are stuck in a situation like Max Mayfield was in Stranger Things Season 4 while trying to escape from the fearsome Vecna.

The playlist is a part of Spotify and Netflix’s collaboration to commemorate the launch of Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 on July 1, 2022. Spotify’s Upside Down Playlist features some of your favorite songs and mixes them with a handful of Stranger Things classics.

The playlist features savior songs like Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) that are capable of creating a vibe strong enough to ward off foes like Vecna. It consists of 50 songs that will change every day and the latest ones will be added on July 1.

Where to find the Spotify Upside Down Playlist?

Spotify’s Upside Down Playlist which is a part of its collaboration with Netflix is available on both desktop and mobile. You can find it in a browser on your PC, Android app, and the iOS app. Just click on this link (opens in a new tab) to find the Upside Down Playlist on Spotify.

You can then sign in to your Spotify account to start listening to your savior songs. If you don’t have an account, you can register for a new account by clicking on the “Sign up” button.

You’ll notice that the Upside Down Playlist features a total of 50 songs that is a combination of your favorite songs and Stranger Things classics.

Spotify calls them your savior songs. Of course, you ain’t going to face off Vecna but you can still utilize the playlist to survive through your mid-week work woes or anything that you’ve been struggling with. It features some of the wonderful all-time hits.

Fans are loving the new Spotify x Stranger Things Playlist

Fans are absolutely loving the new Upside Down Playlist on Spotify and talking about it on social media platforms. You can find countless users sharing their own Spotify x Stranger Things playlist that’ll save them from Vecna on Twitter.

My Upside Down Spotify playlist lowkey slayed!” one user wrote on Twitter.

Wow Spotify has a personalized Upside Down playlist. Well, turns out my first song is SITR, Jeong Jin-sol really be saving my life” wrote another.

Recently, Spotify has been coming up with fun features that its users are responding to greatly. It has introduced a Karaoke Mode that lets users sing along to their favorite songs and get a score card.

Spotify has also introduced Supergrouper which lets you create a dream band consisting of your favorite artists. It then curates a playlist featuring hits from the super band.

Spotify will add Stranger Things Season 4: Volume 2 Songs on July 1, 2022

Spotify has also announced that it’ll add all the latest sounds from Stranger Things Season 4: Volume 2 to the Stranger Things Official Playlist on July 1, 2022. You can find the playlist here.

Before that, you can also explore fun Easter eggs that Spotify has pointed out in a release note. Users on Android and desktops can watch the progress bar turn into a flashlight that cuts through the darkness of the Upside Down.

Another Easter egg lets you discover a spine-tingling thing when you scroll through the playlist long enough on your mobile. You can also find some other Easter eggs and share them in the comments. We might have dropped certain hints in this post 😉

The whole world is excited for the upcoming final chapter of Stranger Things. Spotify’s latest playlist is helping users pass the time easily with their savior songs. What’s yours? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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