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Spotify Karaoke Mode: How to Use and Get Your Scorecard?

The beloved music-streaming platform Spotify has introduced a new feature called the “Karaoke Mode” that lets users test their singing skills and get rated with a brief score card. Find out what the new feature is all about, how it works, and how to use it.

Everyone loves singing and Spotify has acknowledged that. The new feature will help users know how good they sound while singing, challenge their friends, or even organize singing competitions during house parties. Possibilities are endless.

Karaoke Mode is being rolled out currently and isn’t available for everyone just yet. If you can’t find it in your app, then don’t worry. Update your app to the latest version and you’ll find it. Even if it’s not there, it’ll be available within a couple of days.

What is Karaoke Mode on Spotify?

Karaoke Mode is the latest feature on Spotify that lets users sing along as the song plays by looking at the lyrics on the screen. After you’ve finished singing, Spotify will then rate your singing skills with a Score Card based on the accuracy out of 100.

The feature has been rolled out with the latest update on both Android and iOS devices. You just have to update your app from the Play Store or App Store to access the feature. After that, you’ll find the “Sing” button that can be pressed to start singing.

Spotify’s Karaoke mode builds upon the platform’s recent inclusion of the Lyrics mode. It allows users to view exact lyrics in real-time as the song plays. You can also share the lyrics and tune with your friends to sing together.

How does the Karaoke Mode work?

Spotify’s Karaoke mode allows users to sing along as the tune of a particular song plays in the background while the lyrics appear on the screen with its Lyrics mode. This way users can enjoy singing alone or with their friends.

Once you have completed the song, Spotify will present to you a score card that’ll explain how good your pitch was. It’ll be out of 100 and will be perfect to show off your skills (or hide them).

Spotify has been testing the feature recently and has now started rolling it out for users across the world. The latest addition is a fun feature and Spotify users have been buzzing about it all over social media platforms.

How to Get your Score Card with Spotify’s Karaoke Mode?

Karaoke mode is available on Spotify for everyone. You don’t even need Spotify Premium in order to access it. Just update your app to the latest version and you’ll find it. Follow these steps to use Karaoke mode on Spotify and get your own singing score card:

  • Head over to the Play Store or App Store based on your smartphone.
  • Now search Spotify and open its app page.
  • Next, tap on the “Update” button.
  • Wait for the update to install completely.
  • Once the app is updated, launch Spotify.
  • Now choose the song you want to sing.
  • Find and tap on the “Sing” option.
  • Next, activate the Karaoke mode and start singing.

  • Once you have finished, the app will provide a score card based on your performance.

That’s it. This is how you can use Spotify’s latest feature and enjoy singing.

Karaoke Mode will be available for everyone soon

Spotify’s new Karaoke mode isn’t available for everyone yet. The update is being rolled out currently and will be available for everyone soon. If you haven’t received the update yet, wait for some time and you’ll get it automatically.

The best part is that the new feature is available even for free users. You don’t even have to get Spotify premium to use it. You can just install the latest version of the app and start singing right away.

Spotify’s latest feature joins the latest trends like Pie Chart and Iceberg Chart to go viral on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking platforms. Users are sharing the screenshots of their score cards everywhere.

Some users are highly impressed by the score cards while others are finding them blatantly embarrassing. You can also try it out and share the results on your social handles.

Did you find the latest Spotify feature useful? Use the comment box to share your opinions about it.

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