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Noah Schnapp’s Done with ‘Bowl Cut’ in Stranger Things, Tries Different Hairdos

Noah Schnapp, who is loved by fans for his role as Will Byers in Stranger Things appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He tried different wigs to find inspiration for his character’s hair and also gave spoilers from Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 which arrives on July 1.

Will In His Usual Bowl Cut…

Noah Schnapp, 17 appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and tried different wigs to pursue the Duffer Brothers to change his usual hairstyle for his character of Will Byers in Stranger Things, the most-watched show of the present times.

Noah Schnapp is a regular on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Well, thanks to Stranger Things, the most successful sci-fi series in the present day.  Jimmy greeted Noah by stating, “Volume 1 of Season 4 is breaking all sorts of records.” And why not, the Season is number one on Netflix in over 80 countries.

Noah replied, “It’s definitely a crazy thing, I think I’m never really really ready for it until it comes and then this, the fourth season just came and oh, my God, it’s like chaos, but I love it.” Noah revealed that it’s good that the show is split into two volumes to keep the hype going.

Well, Jimmy Fallon tased our Will Byers (played by Noah) for giving constant spoilers about the second volume. He even talked about the IG post that Noah had to pull down as it contained some spoilers from Volume 2 which arrives on July 1. Noah said, “I actually have made some mistakes there…I realised today, that I was going through my Instagram, and I saw that I posted something from Second Volume…and people were like, Is this a spoiler.”

Jimmy mockingly compared Noah with Tom Holland who cannot keep secrets. In the end, Noah asked the audience if they like spoilers and said, “I’ll keep them coming.” As for his character as Will Byers, Jimmy Fallon teased him and said, “This is Season 4 and Will Byers has the same haircut. It’s rough. It’s the greatest haircut in any television show I must say.”

Noah replied by stating that he has been telling the Duffer Brothers to change his haircut for Season 4 but again, they like Will as he is. Noah said, “It’s gone on too long.” When asked if the Duffer Brothers are doing this to mess with him, he said, “honestly, at this point I think, they are.”

Noah revealed that he has been begging them since Season 2 to get rid of the bowl cut. He told them that it’s Season 4 now and “they were like, get ready for Season 5.” To fulfil his desire, Jimmy Fallon got him to try some funky wigs.

Noah Flaunts New Hairstyles!

Jimmy Fallon stated that he thought it would be fun to try on some new hairstyles and revealed that he’s got some wigs of different hairstyles from the 80s. Well, just in case Will wants to switch up the characters and try a different hairdo.

An excited Noah picked up the first wig. Jimmy set the wig for him and said, “I kind of dig that”. Well, Noah was surely pulling that one-off. He even said, “I think it’s pretty good.” The second wig was like the 80s rockstar hairdo. As Noah tried the wig, he did some head banging too.

Oh well, wasn’t he looking like Eddie? Remember the Hellfire Club’s head in Season 4 who is running away from the authorities for Chrissy’s death? I kinda like that character. Well, as for the hairstyle, I give Noah a 100/100 for the rockstar hairdo.

Jimmy revealed another wig and said, “How about a Pompadour?” As Noah did this hairdo he said, “I think this is gonna be perfect” and immediately stood up to take a selfie. He said, “I need to take a picture of this and send it to the Duffer brothers.” Jimmy mentioned that he should also send the rockstar one because that’s kinda evil.

The last wig Jimmy pulled out was the He-Man wig and revealed that He-Man was big in the 80s. He said, “I thought a He-Man wig could be kind of rad, as well. Honestly, Noah looked awful in the wig. Noah tried the rockstar wig once again and said yea, “Season 5”.

But again, as far as his character is concerned, the bowl cut suits him best. Oh well, a rockstar one would do in case Will decides to take it next level with his looks. A twist came when Jimmy revealed a signature wig, which was the hairdo Will had carried from the beginning.

Yea, Jimmy Fallon wore a “bowl cut” wig and Noah said, “Yea, that’s exactly how I look like.” Jimmy responded, “It’s like a secret brother you never thought of.” Noah said, “You can be like my photo double.”

Hey, Spoiler Alert For Volume 2

Jimmy Fallon said, “I don’t want any spoilers but what can we expect from Volume 2?” Noah stated that “Oh, I forgot like I am on a Talk Show” and revealed that they’ve got some deaths coming and some gore stuff. So yea, Will once again gave us a big spoiler by speaking about the gore stuff.

After messing a bit more with Noah on the spoiler, Jimmy revealed a clip from “Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 1 where Will can be seen confronting Eleven about her lies to Mike. Well, if you’re following the series, you’d know. While there is still time in Season 5,  Season 4 Volume Two is coming to Netflix on 1st July. Ready for more “Code Red”. Well, this time the danger is going to be bigger!

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