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Andy Cohen Spill Beans About Kyle Richards’ Breast Reduction Surgery, Gets A Sarcastic Response

Oops! Andy Cohen spilt the beans about Kyle Richards! The 54-year-old host was mortified when he asked the  “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star how she was feeling after undergoing her breast reduction surgery on Wednesday’s (June 15) episode of “Watch What Happens Live”. Read on to learn more about Andy’s awkward situation.

Kyle Responds Sarcastically…

The 54-year-old Bravo producer had an “Oops” moment with Kyle Richards, 53. The “Halloween Kills” star appeared on Andy’s “Watch What Happens Live” and she found herself in an embarrassing situation. Well, it wasn’t Andy’s intention to spill the beans but he just did.

Andy Cohen accidentally let the world know about Kyle Richards’ recent cosmetic surgery by asking her, “How’s the breast reduction surgery working out?” A pissed Kyle sarcastically responded, “Oh thank you for letting everyone know, Andy. Thank you.”

A shocked Andy realised that the 53-year-old star hasn’t spoken about her surgery publically and said, “Oh. Oh my God! I thought you’ve talked about it.” Kyle replied, “Never”. Andy apologised by saying, “But you’ve told me about it so many times, I’m so sorry!”

Kyle Richards also explained that she wanted her natural DD assets made smaller so she could go out without wearing a bra. She said, “I had a breast reduction surgery. I never had implants. I had double Ds and no implants. I still don’t have an implant but I went in and I said, ‘I want smaller boobs and I don’t ever wanna wear a bra ever again in my life,’ and here I am!”

However, Kyle expressed her disappointment by stating, “You can’t tell that I had the operation three weeks ago because my breasts are still so swollen.” Richards underwent a nose job after it was broken last December. It was then that she pledged to have no more cosmetic surgery for the sake of her acting career.

The “Halloween” actress then adjusted her strapless dress, noting, “You can’t really tell because they’re still swollen … but I will never wear a bra ever again. Ever. Ever.” Cohen responded with yet another apology and complimented Richards’ new frame.

A False Vow To Never Have Surgeries

Kyle previously stated, “I’m not looking to have any other surgery. People keep asking me if I’ve done anything but I haven’t.” She added, “I haven’t even had Botox recently, because I want to be able to move my forehead in movies to show expression, like in ‘Halloween Kills’.”

Well, here she is now. It may not have come to us from Kyle but Andy accidentally declared that Kylie just had a breast reduction surgery. However, Richards went on to clarify on the show that she has always been honest about her surgeries. She said:

“I have never lied about anything I’ve done, and I never ever will, just so you guys know,” she said. “You guys think I did my face. I really did not. I will tell you everything. I had a breast reduction three weeks ago. There’s a little bruise hidden over here.”

Richards is listed on the “First Families” of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which means that the couple has donated  US$100,000 or more to the hospital. She also held fundraisers for the CHLA, which were featured on the Real Housewives.

As for her recent surgery, Kylie stated that she can take other peoples’ secrets “to the grave” but she “can’t keep a secret about herself. But again, she did right and she felt bad when Andy accidentally slipped the news.

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