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All of Rihanna’s Public and Secret Relationships Explored

It’s been a few years since Rihanna dropped any songs, but she’s still one of the biggest artists when it comes to chart performance. Although there is not much happening for her on the music front right now, there is a lot happening in her private life.

Rihanna and boyfriend ASAP Rocky became parents to a baby boy recently. Her business beauty venture, Fenty beauty is well worth $2.8 billion. It seems like this is a good time in her life. But the road till here wasn’t exactly smooth. Let’s take a look at her past relationships.

Chris Brown (2007-2009)

Chris Brown and Rihanna were up and coming stars of the early 2000s. Although they knew each other since 2005, they didn’t start dating until 2007. They had a very public breakup after Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna.

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to the charges and had to complete probation and community service in 2015. Surprisingly, the couple did reunite briefly in 2013. At that time, Rihanna said in an interview that it was “more important for me to be happy…even if it’s a mistake”. Shortly after, they broke up again.

Matt Kemp (2009-2010)

Rihanna started seeing the professional basketball player soon after her split from Chris Brown. They were seen together on New Year’s Eve and later on a holiday in Mexico. Kemp even admitted that he was dating Rihanna, he said, “Yeah! That’s my girl! She’s just a fun person. I love to be around her.”

However, their love was short-lived as they broke up around December. The main reason for their split was said to be Rihanna’s schedule, It became “too much” for him to handle.

Ryan Phillipe (2010)

This was never confirmed by either party. But Ryan and Rihanna were rumored to be a couple in February 2010, they met briefly at the Gucci/Roc Nation brunch.

Leonardo DiCaprio (2015)

This is another relationship that was never really confirmed, but still, it is exciting! Rihanna reportedly spent valentine’s day 2015 with the Oscar winner. Although it may not have flourished into a relationship, they did meet again at a Paris nightclub and even hung out together at Coachella.

Karim Benzema (2015-2017)

It is believed that Rihanna reached out to the Real Madrid player in 2014 and they finally went on a date together in 2015. They were spotted together on multiple occasions, although neither of them ever made a public comment about their relationship.

According to an insider, the couple worked out well together because Benzema gave Rihanna “the space she needs”. However, the couple broke up in 2017. According to a source close to Benzema, Rihanna was still in love with Chris Brown, she said, “it was difficult to compete”.

Lewis Hamilton (2015)

Somewhere along the timeline of Benzema and Rihanna, Lewis also came into the picture in 2015. Maybe the couple were on a break or had an open relationship, but Rihanna was spotted getting cozy with the Formula 1 driver at a nightclub in New York.

Rihanna was also reported to be vacationing with Hamilton in her native Barbados.

Travis Scott (2015)

The year 2015 was certainly interesting in Rihanna’s life. After Hamilton, she was linked to Travis Scott. The rapper was smitten by her. They were reportedly making out at a New York City Fashion Week party in 2015.

In an interview, he described Rihanna in three words as “creative, inspiring, muse”.  However, the couple split up shortly after.

Drake (2016)

Among Rihanna’s boyfriends, she and Drake together probably grabbed the most headlines in recent times. The rumors first started the ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper and Rihanna appeared on each other’s shows.

They even went on to collab on songs like “Take Care” and “Work”. While awarding her at the VMA awards, Drake said “She’s someone…she’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old, she’s one of my best friends in the world.”

However, Rihanna had different feelings after they reportedly broke up in 2017. In an interview a year later, she said that that was the “most uncomfortable part. I don’t like too many compliments”. She also went on to say that “We don’t have a friendship now, but we are not enemies either. It is what it is”. Well, that is sure to put a damper on “Drihanna” shippers.

Hassan Jameel (2017-2020)

Jameel, a Saudi businessman, and Rihanna were spotted making out in June 2017 in Spain. Sources revealed that the couple was quite serious and in love. In an interview with Vogue, Rihanna said “Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.”

The couple mostly kept their relationship out of the public eye. However, things were believed to be serious when Jameel was seen at dinner with Rihanna and her mom. The couple went on to date for three years before calling it quits in 2020.

ASAP Rocky (2020-present)

Rihanna seems to have eternal love with ASAP Rocky, he even called her “the one”. Their first public appearance was at the British Fashion Awards in 2019. It was later revealed that they spent Christmas and New Year together as well.

In November of last year, fans believed that Rihanna was pregnant, especially when she was awarded the title of Barbados’s national hero.

The couple welcomed their baby boy on May 19th. They are yet to make an official announcement revealing the baby’s name or other details.

Fans of RiRi are ecstatic that she has found her person after all this time. The cherry on top is the baby’s arrival into their lives. Although, this may be disappointing for those waiting for new music from Riri.

She was already super busy with Fenty Beauty and having a career outside of music. With the new baby, releasing music might take the backseat for some more time. However, she is a pro at multi-tasking so there is no saying what is next for her.

For now, she seems to be enjoying some well-deserved downtime with her boyfriend and newborn child. Meanwhile, fans await news about the baby. While many celebrities choose to show their kids to the world at an early age, many choose to keep the young ones out of the limelight. It is not clear which route Rihanna and ASAP Rocky will choose with the birth of their baby.

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