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Unofficial Xbox Wrapped 2022: Steps To Check Your Stats

The year is coming to an end, and to give gamers a glimpse of all the gaming they did all year, PlayStation and Nintendo have done a ‘Year in Review’ on the lines of the Spotify Wrapped trend. However, Microsoft decided not to follow the trend, and XBOX did not feature a Year in Review for their users.

But XBOX gamers need not worry as there is still a way to check your gaming wrap-up of the year. The feature can be availed through a third-party website, which is completely safe and gives you all your gaming stats in an infographic. So how to check My Year on Box? Read on to know all the steps.

How to Check My Year on XBOX?

To see your gaming stats for the year 2022, you need to visit TrueAchievements website. Once you have reached the home page of the website, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the website with your Xbox Live account. Once you click on the login button, the website redirects you to Microsoft, where you need to enter your login credentials.

2. Once you have logged in, you will be told through a message that your game stats infographic is ready to be created.

3. A button on the page will let you create the infographic. So click the button and wait for your own ‘My Year on XBOX’.

The Infographic Shows You Key Highlights of the Year

The display will show you a number of highlights, including the achievements earned, the total gamerscore earned this year, the number of games played, hours spent playing, the top game of 2022 and hours spent on it, and the completion percentage of your top game.

The stats may be fewer than those generated by PlayStation and Nintendo, but they are still pretty handy to have a glimpse of your gaming year. The infographic will also be updated continuously till the end of the year, so the data for any games you play till December 31 will also be analyzed in the stats.

You can also share the stats on Twitter and Reddit with the click of a button. There is an option to download the infographic and share it with your friends as well. Apart from My Year on XBOX, TrueAchievements also lets you track your individual game scores and also publishes blogs on how to achieve further goals in the game.

The My Year on XBOX feature has become so popular in recent days that over 20,000 gamers checked their stats in just one day. The website’s server crashed a number of times, and TrueAchievements showed an error message when some users tried to log into the website. 

The company has now said that they are working on improving their performance. They tweeted on December 20: “More than 20,000 gamers have registered on TrueAchievements in the last 24 hours. Welcome to you all! We are currently working on some performance improvements for the #MyYearOnXbox infographic, and we hope to have an update soon…”

Have you checked your ‘Year on XBOX’ yet? How did it come out? Tell us in the comments section.

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