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Tekken 8: Action-Filled Gameplay Teaser Trailer is Here

Tekken 8 received a new trailer at The Game Awards earlier this week and has hyped impatient players even more. After Tekken 7’s massive success, players have been waiting for the next title for quite a while now after the last title was released in 2015. A new trailer was revealed at The Game Awards, revealing several fights from the game’s story mode, but no release date.

The creators have mentioned how the entire game is built from scratch using Unreal Engine 5 and no elements from the previous title have been reused. Unless there are significant developments already made, players might not get their hands on the game in the first two quarters of 2023.

Tekken 8: Action-Filled Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Franchise lovers have commented on how the return of Jun has got them excited already. The trailer starts with a shot of Jin Kazama drowning until black smoke above him reveals a hand that grabs him. The hand is shown to be of Jin’s mother Jun. The trailer changes gears quickly with shots of chaos and a return of Devil Kazuya. Paul Phoenix is next shown fighting Marshall Law.

The trailer ends with shots of King, Lars Alexandersson, Jin’s father Kazuya Mishima, and Devil Jin. It’s still not clear whether or not Jun will make a comeback in Tekken 8. Jun is seen in a cameo as shown in a dream sequence clip in the trailer. Jun’s dream sequence shows what looks like she’s reviving Jin after a lost battle. The entire trailer shows in-game footage which means the final game will look equally stunning.

Tekken 8 Story Details

Tekken 8 Jun

The return of one of the best-selling fighter games, Tekken 8, is looking more like it will continue from Tekken 7’s events. Tekken 7 ends with Kazuya Mishima eventually ending Heihachi’s life by throwing him down the volcano. The trailer shows Jin and his mother Jun who is returning for the first time since Tekken 2. From the trailer, it’s safe to assume Jin will be fighting to take down his father Kazuya Mishima for good.

Devil Jin is also seen in the trailer which aligns with the recent entries in the series which focused more on the devil gene. The gene is seen possessed by both Jin and Kazuya. The devil gene allows Jin and Kazuya to transform into devil forms.

It will be interesting to wait for the game’s release to see if Jin can control his devil gene, as Kazuya does. While the trailer ends to see Jin fighting in his devil form, it will still be interesting to see how the story arc moves from there.

Tekken 8 Full Roster Details

Tekken 8 Marshall Law

Apart from all the characters seen in the trailer, the final roster is expected to see the return of even more characters. Lee Chaolan, Alisa Bosconovitch, and Heihachi are some of the fan favorites to return to the series. Heihachi was last seen at the end of Tekken 7, being thrown into the volcano. That might not necessarily mean a return is impossible, as characters have returned from similar fates before.

Around 15 DLC characters were added to Tekken 7, and a similar approach is expected with Tekken 8 as well. The return of some of the guest characters is subject to license renewal. Since there’s no word of license renewals for Street Fighter’s Akuma and King of Fighters’ Geese Howard, the two characters are not expected to return.

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