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Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats for PC

Despite being old in the market, Skyrim has a large audience because of the game’s ability of modding, and Bethesda’s creative mind for designing such a game that is eminently replayable.

By now, you’ve probably gone through most of the game legally and may want to spice up your next playtime with a few stronger skills or at the very least remove some of the duller components entirely.

There are a number of handy console commands that you may use in order to help you with your gameplay. You can use these commands by simply pressing the tilde key (which looks like this~) and then entering your desired cheat code. Once again, use the tilde button to exit the terminal window, and the modification will be reflected instantly in the game.

In this article, we’ll share with you the list of all the Skyrim Console Commands and cheats.

Why do You Use Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s console commands may be used to add a dash of flair and excitement to the game. As for the greatest Skyrim hacks, they’re meant to enable players to customise their RPG experience to their preference. You may have seen most of Skyrim in the previous decade, so this is a smart way to keep the game feeling new. You can level up talents, generate stuff, and do a slew of other things in Skyrim via console commands.

The only way to utilise Skyrim hacks is through PC console commands, regardless of whether you’re playing an earlier version of the game or the new Skyrim Anniversary Edition. This means that those of you with a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch won’t be able to use the commands and cheats.

How to Use Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats?

As in other PC games, hitting the tilde (~) will allow you to input a Skyrim console command. Tilde will open the developer console, where you can type in the various command codes we’ve provided below, then hit tilde once more so you can return to the game. To turn it off, just enter the same code again until instructed differently.

If you’re going to mess around with the cheat codes, make a backup save and keep it separate from the game you’re currently playing in case something goes wrong. Otherwise, you might find that you’ve permanently ruined your progress in the game and no one wants to deal with that in a game that they’re already invested in. As soon as you start inputting these codes, your achievements will be deactivated, thus you will be unable to fake your way through any tasks.

Player Console Commands and Cheats

If you want to give your character godlike powers and boundless money, here are some of our favourite commands.

  • addshout – After this command, type the name of the Dragon Shout you want to add to your arsenal.
  • AdvSkill [SKILL ID] # – This command may be used to raise the level of a certain ability. In this case, SKILL ID merely refers to the skill name. Add the amount you want to increase the level by after that.
  • player.advlevel – Enter this command again and over again to get one level each time, with no need for any real work on your part.
  • player.modav carryweight # Use this command to expand the capacity of your bag, allowing you to carry about more junk.
  • player.setav speedmult ###The quicker your character moves throughout the planet, the higher the number you enter here. Warning: It takes long time to get to the top.
  • player.setcrimegold ###This command may be used to alter your desired level. clean bill of health is achieved at 000, while it’s time to start scavenging for food at 999
  • player.setlevel ##Change the number to the degree of heroism you want your character to possess.
  • psb – This command will provide you access to all of the game’s spells
  • sexchange – The gender of your hero or heroine may be altered using this command.
  • showracemenuHave you not gotten over some of my mistakes in character development yet. You may use this command to go back and reevaluate your options.
  • tcl – Allows you to go anywhere, in any direction, and through any object by disabling clipping.
  • tim – In immortal mode, you can still be hurt, but you can’t die.
  • rmIt is used to enable or disable run mode.
  • unlockTo open locked box, door, or case, select it with your cursor and then type this easy command.
  • tgm – God mode is activated, making you indestructible.

Item Console Commands and Cheats

To get your hands on the freebies, just type in the following command, along with the proper Item ID.

  • player.additem ITEM NAME ###
    For example, if the item has 15 of something, you would put 015, 009, and so on in three-digit format.

For starters, here are some essentials you’ll probably want to have on hand.

  • Player.additem 0000000f ### ### – You’ll be able to put as much or as little money in your wallet as you choose -using this code.
  • player.addition 0000000a ### –  Have too many lockpicks into your back using this code.
  • coc qasmoke – If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have everything you need, this command will allow you to enter a special area that houses every item in Skyrim.
  • removeallitems – Are you so desperate for someone else’s possessions that you won’t even bother to ask for them? Use this code to strip them down to their basic essentials, and then have everything they possess sent to your bag. Thanks!

World Skyrim Console and Commands for PC

If you want to change the environment or atmosphere, here are some of the commands and cheats.

  • tm – Turns off all GUI displays.
  • tmm# – Map markers may be toggled by replacing # with 0 or 1 (enable/disable).
  • tfc – Free camera mode, add 1 to halt the game.
  • Sucsm # – Replace # with 0.5 or 2 to adjust the free camera’s speed,
  • ts – Disable the skybox and fog effects.
  • tt – Turn off the trees.
  • tws – Unplug the water metre (when not underwater).
    Timescale may be modified to # – Replace # to set the rate at which time passes, 1 is realtime and 20 is the default rate of time passing.
  • sgtm# – To change the pace of the game, type sgtm # on the command line and replace the # with the desired speed.
  • fw WeatherID – Use type of weather you want in lieu of WeatherID to quickly activate your desired weather.

These are all the major player and item console commands that can be used in Skyrim. You can use these commands to spice up your gaming experience. In case you have any doubt, do let us know in the comment section below.



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